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Why do junglers use Dorans Blade?

I’m new to jungling and was watching a few streams and saw that some junglers (Lee Sin is the one that comes to mind right now) would go boots first and then 2-3 Dorans Blade. Why do they do this? I didn’t know if it was just a preference or something that I didn’t understand […]

What happens if Shen teleports to Nocturne when Nocturne is in midflight using his ultimate?

Will Nocturne appear at the spot Nocturne is at the moment, or will he be at the start or the end? How is nocturne moving when using ulti? Is he a projectile or just getting a gazillion MS?

Can someone please list down the side quest on LoL

I just started wondering, what are the side quest in all maps and what are the requirements? I know about the “The Hunt is On” quest. Hope you can add some more.

Is Feral Warwick skin bigger?

I have purchased Feral Warwick skin at the last discount. When I select it, Warwick looks bigger to my eye. Is it because of colors or is Warwick actually bigger? Most important of all, if it is bigger am I easier to target?

Which Champions specialize in burst damage and high mobility?

I’m having trouble with having high mobility and yet dealing enough damage to matter in team fights. What is a good strategy, champion or build order that would allow me to be as mobile as I can while still having high enough damage to carry the game? Could you classify them by lane as well? […]

What are skins and how do I get them?

I’ve been reading up on League of Legends stuff, and there seems to be a lot of people clamoring for this skin or the other on their forums. From their suggestions, I can’t tell if the skins are purely cosmetic or do they actually perform some kind of function in the game? Also, are skins […]

Why does Event Horizon affect Vladimir while in Sanguine Pool?

Why does Vlad get stunned of Event Horizon (Veigar E) While in Sanguine Pool? And are there any other Area of Effect Crowd Control spells that can affect him during the duration of his Sanguine Pool? Sanguine Pool (Active): Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood becoming untargetable for 2 seconds and slowing enemies above […]

How does Tenacity work?

Previously, only the Mercury’s Treads reduced the effect of any kind of CC (by 1 second if my memory is ok). Now we have 3 items that allow you to reduce any kind of CC: Mercury’s Treads, Moonflair Spellblade and Cloak and Dagger. All of these items gives you +35 Tenacity. How does Tenacity work? […]

Why do the tournaments have “place holder picks”?

While watching the League of Legends tournament teams ban between 3-4 champions, you’ll see picks like Eve, Xerath or someone very atypical of tournament play. Someone will do this while the rest of the team goes serious picks. When they remake the game (which I also don’t understand the perpose of) they do joke bans […]

Are there any bonus for playing 4 v 5 games?

We all experienced games where a player leaves or goes AFK mid-game. It is always annoying when you lose a game even though you think you would have won. Do you get any compensation for playing a game like that? Would it be something like: bonus XP/IP lost forgiven extra bonus if you win the […]

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