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Is there a list displaying the champions in order based on their auto attack range?

I quite enjoy playing harassing champs on LoL, and I am interested in which champions have the longest auto attack range. Is there a list displaying the order of champions with the highest range first? I cannot seem to find this resource anywhere. From the top of my head I know Caitlyn, Annie and Ashe […]

Difference between top and bottom lane in League of Legends?

What is the difference between top and bottom lanes in LoL? More experienced players tell you during the game to switch the lane if you go to the “wrong” one. So I guess that certain champions are not good for playing top/bottom. Why and what kind of champions should be played bottom, and what type […]

Why is the marksman bot so firmly entrenched in the meta?

League changes a lot from patch to patch. If I watch Spring Split games now, the champion picks are virtually unrecognizable in today’s meta. While some aspects of the meta remain constant – such as top laners being generally safe champs, whether that means escape tools, survivability, or CC – there’s generally a lot of […]

Good champions pick and strategies

I normally watch a lot of LCS and OGN (Korean league) LOL games. Sometimes the two teams plays well, but, even playing well, one team lose at the teamfight and lose the game. Or one of the team can’t engage well or they only get poked. And at the last of the game, they said […]

Decision Making on early game jungling

I’m learning to jungling, but I’m bit confused about when: Continue the jungle routing Back to base to buy items Gank I know that I need rush my starting Jungle Item first (I’m playing now as Kha’Zix, so I go for Spirit of Elder Lizard). When laning, I have objectives like “If I back with […]

Primary, Secondary runes on the store page?

Is there any indication whether a rune is “primary” or “secondary” for a specific color, from the rune page in the store? Obviously that word itself doesn’t matter, and just the stats themselves do, but I’m just not seeing any indication of whether the runes in the store are the “ideally suited” runes of a […]

Is it safe to play League of Legends when there are files detected as viruses by virustotal.com?

I’m from Vietnam and started to play League of Legends which I have downloaded from the official site here for the Vietnamese version. Viruses were detected when I ran a virus-scan on the files via virustotal.com. So my question is, should I run the game when the virus-scan reports viruses? FileLoader.dll launcher.maestro.dll CRiotLauncherElevateCOM.dll LolClient.exe LolClient.swf […]

Does Hextech's “reroll” function consider the skin type as result?

If I reroll 3 skins of the same type, say 3 legendary skin shards, will I get a different legendary skin shard, or literally any random skin?

What is the limit of Lovers Leap?

Two new champions have been announced in LoL. They have an ability that makes them be able to recall together.

How to go and watch complete game replays?

I’m looking to see some full game replays in League of Legends (that are not my friends’ game) Those “Featured games” in the starter slider are always in progress, and what I’m looking for is to get in a random game that is still on the character select screen. (or at least still in the […]

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