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Does MMR get reset towards average at the end of the season?

As mentioned in this question Should I avoid playing ranked for a while after the season starts? I believe that MMR gets “averaged” at the end of each season, however I’ve not seen any official source for that belief. The formula I’ve seen basically says that everyone’s MMR gets set to (oldMMR+1200)/2. In other words […]

How does Lee Sin fall off late-game?

How does Lee Sin fall off late-game? Everyone says it, but I don’t see how. Is there any way to prevent it?

What items should I get for a Yasuo top?

I’ve been playing as Yasuo for the past few weeks and I’m starting to get the hang of him. It’s a pretty fun champion to play with and it’s kinda satisfying to see his ult land on a team fight…and get out of it alive, of course… But that’s the thing… I know he’s pretty […]

What are some skills that can hit targets outside their range?

There are quite a few skills that I know of that can hit units outside their range, for example, Azir’s Soldiers and Lucian’s Q. Are there any other skills that can do this? Also I feel that Xerath’s Q hitbox is longer than the range indicator, sometimes I catch people at the end of my […]

Is the Blue Buff (even with the nerf) stronger than the Red Buff? If so, Why?

In watching a lot of scrimmages lately, it seems like getting the Blue Buff is a more important objective then getting the Red Buff, and at certain points it is more important than getting second tier towers. Why is this?

Calling MIA / SS

What is the best way to tell your team that your laning opponent(s) is missing? Should blue-ping the map that leads towards them, yellow-ping (Fall back) on top of them? Should you stop for a moment to type [lane] mia/ss or care [lane]? Should you say which champ is missing? I want to make sure […]

Why is Karma not played as much as other supports?

I never seen Karma in Solo/Duo queue. I consider her a Very Good support. She got nice CC and nice Heal, Buffs, but I don’t understand why people are not playing her at all.

What is the spawn rate of the elemental drakes?

With Patch 6.9, Riot introduced four elemental drakes types: Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, and Ocean–any of which will randomly spawn during a game. My question then is, “Do all the elemental drakes have an equal chance of spawning or do some drakes spawn more often than others?”

How, When and by Who is the Meta stablished?

I am wondering about this since long ago. I remember that before it was a Mage top, AD carry mid and Bot the support + tank (+ jungler) Now we have that mid must be a Mage and at Bot AD carry and Support and top a Melee.

Spectator's Mode, Fog of War feature

Wouldn’t this feature allow for one team who has an active spectator watching the game without fog of war to give advices of incoming ganks, jungle invades, Baron, Dragon kills etc.? The source of why I know theres a Fog of war feature is here Next Patch: The Full Release of Spectator Mode!

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