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What's special about the zodiac weapons?

Some chapters in Kid Icarus: Uprising have hidden rooms with special weapons in them, named after zodiac signs. For example, in chapter 2 you can find the Sagittarius Bow. These seem to be unique items; if you replay the level it’s no longer in the room. But at least as they are when you get […]

How to get a gold laurel wreath at Arlon's Lunar Sanctum?

I have played this level multiple times, and I cannot seem to find everything in that level. Could someone point out where all of the treasure boxes and intensity gates(If there is any for this level) are?

Why are some weapon fusions blocked out with a question mark?

In the weapon fusion menu, some combinations of items contain an “X” in their location box, and both their name and display image are just quesiton marks (??? and ? respectively). I’m unable to combine these items, but my instincts tell me that there is something more to this. Is there some restriction that prevents […]

What do I need to do for a gold laurel wreath?

On the chapter select screen the ones I’ve finished are marked with a laurel wreath. Some of them are gold; some of them are green. It doesn’t seem to be based on score (or at least not consistent across levels) or intensity; I thought it might be based on dying vs. not dying but my […]

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