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How can I participate in the Operation Portal Recon?

Some time ago Niantic announced that closed beta of the Operation Portal Recon is released. What are the conditions to participate in? Should I get an invitation or sign up to somewhere?

Ingress –Validity of Rogue Agents

Aside from the obvious poor sportsmanship and poor ethical gaming choices, what is to prevent a player from joining a faction with the sole purpose of causing havoc on the same color. They would be effectually playing for the opposing faction in spirit, though not according to the scanner. Do the terms of service ban […]

What is the most efficient way to upgrade a portal?

When I destroyed all resonators on an enemy portal, I have various options to place the resonators. I can either set the highest resonators right away or start with lower resonators and gradually replace them with higher ones. By default (Button “Deploy Resonator”) Ingress seems to set lower resonators first, so I would have to […]

How to create/submit a portal in iOS

iOS version of the game has recently released. I faced the idea to submit a new portal in an area where theres is a low amount of them, and all the tutorial that I found consist in “sharing” the image with NIA Service Ops or press and hold on the map inside the app to […]

Why do I keep getting “Hack acquired no items” in Ingress?

This just started happening to me. For a long while I was getting something pretty much every time I hacked a portal. Tonight I’m frequently getting the message “Hack acquired no items.”. Sometimes it’s happened 3 portals in a row. Is there something that triggers this, or is it just really bad luck tonight?

Once a player is level 8, what happens to AP gained?

Do level 8 players still gain AP? The way I understand it, level 8 is the highest level, so once you’re there it seems like you gaining AP it doesn’t do any good, and is really taking potential AP away from your local team mates.

How is “Distance Walked” determined?

A badge for “Distance Walked” was recently released. But, I saw this value increase by 2km after driving through city streets at 20-30mph (running Ingress, screen on, occasionally hacking, etc. at stops). So, does any travel under the Ingress speed limit qualify for “Distance Walked”, or are there additional restrictions?

Sojourner Badge explained?

I’m pretty unsure how this thing works, is it that I need to hack the same portal for x days, or do I need to hack any portal for x days?

Does Recharging a portal have an internal “hidden” cooldown?

Lately I’ve started to do a lot of recharges on friendly portals, and I’ve noticed that after two or three succesful attempts, all subsequent will silently fail for a while: ADA will say “Resonator recharged” as if it went through succesfully, my XM will drop, but I’ll regain them immediately after and no green “+x%” […]

What is a power cube?

I see in my item repository that there is a filter for “power cubes” along with the regular assortment of weapons, resonators, keys, and media. Even after quite a bit of playing, I don’t have any. What is a power cube and what role do they play in the game?

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