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Will Skyrim work properly if mods and main files are split over two HDDs?

I would like to know if anyone has experience running skyrim and it’s mods across two separate data drives. I am upgrading my rig to a solid state, but it is only 500GB. If I want to play a game like Skyrim, with main game files installed on the SSD, and the mods on an […]

Can PSP Batteries be recharged via USB?

I’ve obtained a recharging cable for my PSP that has a USB plug at the end rather than an AC adapter. I have a Lithium Ion Battery Pack which i use to charge up my iPhone when it’s low on power and I have a bunch of those wall plugs you get with Apple devices […]

Is it safe to use an unofficial cable to power a console?

I want to buy a Super Nintendo AC Adapter Power Supply. The original ones are rare nowadays. I’ve read on the web that originals adapter have a component that controls the current to avoid damaging the console while cheaper (generic) ones don’t always have. I’m skeptical and this is why I’m asking: Is it safe […]

What are the hardware differences between the Xbox 360 slim and the Xbox 360 E?

What are the hardware differences between the Xbox 360 slim and the Xbox 360 E? Are there any significant improvements or benefits of the Xbox 360 E that one should consider?

PS3 graphics Stretching Glitch

I’ve been having some Graphics glitches with the assassins creed series (specifically 2/BH/Rev) and until today I assumed it was an issue with the game itself. There are times where the textures/polygons seem to stretch out forever. Similar to: Some Reading would suggest its a heating/dust problem and could lead to the YLOD. So at […]

How to measure the performance of a graphics-card?

A CPU’s performance is usually determined by it’s architecture (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, etc.), the number of cores and it’s frequency. What would be the equivalent for graphics-cards? I’ve always wondered since most games state requirements like “Like XYZ or better”, but how can I know how “good” XYZ is? Only by it’s price? Note: I […]

Nintendo Switch left Joy-Con disconnects frequently. Fix?

When playing Zelda: Breath of the Wilds on the Nintendo Switch, when I play with the Switch docked and the Joy-Cons physically disconnected, the left Joy-Con frequently “lags” or becomes disconnected from the Switch base unit altogether. When the left Joy-Con lags, the Switch acts as though whatever input I had been using was still […]

How do I stop my PS3 from making so much noise?

I believe that my PS3 is full of dust and therefore the fan goes on max as soon as I start a game. How can I get rid of the dust inside on the heat sinks and fans without destroying something?

Is it possible to get the Saitek X45 working with Windows 8.1 64bit?

I have an old Saitek X45 HOTAS: Are there drivers that will let it work with my Windows 8 computer? Google is not helping!

How do I repair a scratched game disc?

I have kids, which means I have scratched game discs that my systems can’t read. Several months ago, I watched a video demonstrating how to repair scratched game discs using car polish. I tried that, and it didn’t work. After a little more research, I found and purchased this plastic polishing kit from Amazon. Following […]

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