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Why don't my female dwellers give birth to children?

I am playing Fallout Shelter on my IPad. There were some women who have already gave birth, but two female dwellers are carrying their babies for about 18(!) hours. I know that this process takes three hours, so this is not normal. What do I do?

What is a good way to catch the Mysterious Stranger?

When ever I hear the music to indicate the Mysterious Stranger has arrived, I can never find him. It is almost like he is not in the vault. What is a good way to catch the Mysterious Stranger? Where does he usually show up?

Should I assign dwellers to the storage room?

I’ve played Fallout Shelter for a while now and normally use dwellers with appropriate SPECIAL stats for each room (Strength in the reactor, Perception in the water supply, etc). However, I have a question regarding Endurance. The only room which uses this is the storage room. It doesn’t produce anything; it has no cooldown; it […]

What does each SPECIAL stat in Fallout Shelter do?

Besides its workplace uses, like Charisma in Living Quarters, Strength in Power Generators, Agility in Diners. Do we know if Endurance increases HP in the Dwellers, or that strength helps in melee damage / survivability in the wastelands? And Perception?

Which stats / gear can get the best our of wasteland exploration?

Trying to get the best out of wasteland exploration here! I get it that you’d obviously need a big gun for survival out there, but apart from that, I’m wondering which stats / gear can get the best out of exploration. How would you choose who to send out exploring from your dwellers. Which stat […]

Fallout Shelter :: Does Mr. Handy Pick Up Loot?

I know that Mr. Handy will pick up caps when on walkabout; will he also pick up weapons and/or outfits?

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