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Is there a way to get new dwellers with higher than normal stats?

New dwellers seem to all start with very low starting stats. Is there a way to get new dwellers with higher than normal stats?

How do I get more pets for my dwellers?

Fallout Shelter has a new feature where your Dwellers can also have a Pet. Is there a way to get more pets without purchasing them? Can you find them in the wasteland?

Why can I not place a pregnant woman to work but others work while pregnant?

I am playing Fallout Shelter, have 3 kids in my shelter, all going well, thought I would make one more kid with big strength numbers and decent agility/perception (kids take on SPECIAL stats from their parents). All the women who are pregnant work in my shelter, apart from this one. She can not me put […]

How does Endurance and leveling up effect HP?

A friend of mine believes that you should fully train a Dweller’s Endurance before you level them up, and that doing so will increase their final health. Meaning, a level 50 Dweller who trained Endurance after becoming level 50 would have a lower health than a level 50 Dweller who had dull Endurance before leveling. […]

What determines SPECIAL inheritance in children?

In Fallout Shelter you’re able to make babies when you assign a male and female dweller to a residential area. When the babies are born, what determines the SPECIAL stats? It seems to be somewhat influenced by their parents, but there seem to be other variables. I want to breed children with high SPECIAL scores.

Dwellers return automatically after finding a low amount of items in Wasteland

I have a strange thing happening – dwellers I send to explore wasteland are automatically returning to vault after finding a little amount of items (4 or 5). The exploration log says: “That’s as much as I can carry. I better head back and show the Overseer what I found”. Before today they successfully carried […]

Unhappiness due to revived corpses

I had a person die in the diner, and revived him after quite some time. Now everyone that wasn’t dead is unhappy because there’s “a corpse in the room” but there isn’t. He’s alive working next to them. Any remedies? Game glitch?

Are S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills capped at 10?

We know that the maximum level a dweller can train to on any SPECIAL skill is 10, however this does not consider bonuses given from their outfit. Is there any additional benefit for going over 10? For example, a dweller with an Intelligence skill of 10 wearing a lab coat that boosts Intelligence by 3? […]

How can I increase my Vault Dweller's Happiness?

All my vault dwellers look really unhappy and bummed out and aside from making babies I’m not sure how to make them happier. Am I missing something really obvious?

What is the mysterious stranger doing in my vault?

This morning after the new Fallout Shelter update (1.2), I saw a mysterious stranger hiding in one of my rooms. When he is tapped there is a sound cue and he disappears in a puff of black vapor. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

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