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Increase population with Radio Station / Advantage over pregnancy?

How do these Radio Stations work exactly? I built one and assigned a Dweller with 10 Charisma to it. There was a timer of 2 hours or so and I expected after this time a new Dweller to appear in front of my Vault. But nothing. So I assigned another Dweller but the timer did […]

Room Layout Strategy?

Essentially I want people’s thoughts on layout strategy. It struck me that room upgrade prices seemed cheaper (on a per dweller slot basis) when upgrading a combined 2 or 3 room room. Said differently, there’s bulk discount pricing. For instance it might cost 250 to upgrade a single water production room but if it’s two […]

How do I deliver a baby?

I’m playing Fallout Shelter, and my newest bonus objective is to “Deliver 1 Baby Dweller.“ I’ve already figured out that I can put a male vault dweller and a female vault dweller together in some residential quarters, and and eventually, if they hit it off, the lady will replace her vault suit with a yellow […]

Is there any max inventory and management in the wastes?

Sending dwellers into the wastes to explore, and I find they stop finding items after 13. Is there a maximum capacity for explorers, and any way to get them to drop low-value items while they are out there?

Can you commit incest?

I want to know if you can have the offspring mate with one of his or her own parents. It’s odd, yes, but I’m curious if Bethesda thought this through. Edit: I’m going to cross breed, by this I mean like this Parent 1 + Parent 2 Parent 3 + Parent 4 = Child 1 […]

Is it possible to find power armor in the wasteland?

If you send somebody out in the wasteland for long enough with good enough luck, is it possible to find power armor or any other legendary gear?

When should I recall explorers?

How long should I leave my poor soul out there to wander the wastelands? I see that his SPECIAL S & E skills have a blue increase bar – but the status time just keeps going up instead of counting down. When should I call him back – or will he come back on his […]

How do I make sure my child is smart?

I am nearing a full vault and I have some dwellers with max stats. I have noticed that sometimes I get a child with above average stats. How do I ensure that my children are borne with higher than normal stats? In the following examples the children all the same father and all the mothers […]

What SPECIAL stats are useful in crafting rooms?

The new crafting rooms don’t indicate what, if any, SPECIAL stat is best for dwellers in that room. Do any of the stats affect crafting weapons or armor in any way? How?

When do Deathclaws start attacking your vault?

I’ve been playing the Android version for a few days now, and have 33 Dwellers (slow growth FTW?) and I’ve noticed that I’ve never been attacked by the Deathclaws that I’ve heard about. Do the Deathclaws and other stronger enemies like Raiders with more guns or molerats only show up after a certain number of […]

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