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Is there a limit to the amount of caps you can have?

My cap amount is stuck at the amount on the screen shot. Is this a bug, or have I hit a hard limit?

Raising a dweller's happiness

This is related to How can I increase my Vault Dweller’s Happiness?, but slightly different. I know what can raise a dweller’s happiness, but what I want to know is what can raise it by how much? For example, being a healthy, unaffected dweller with no job keeps a dweller’s happiness at 50%. Then on […]

Formerly Dead Dwellers Misbehaving (ungrateful peasants!)

The entire lower third of my vault is normally unoccupied and full of production rooms that exist solely to increase my power/food/water storage. Unfortunately, incidents do happen down there, so I send dwellers down there occasionally to squash roaches and choke Molerats to death with their delicious meats. Invariably, because of the horrible, horrible controls, […]

Is the damage calculated as Damage per Second or Damage per Hit?

Every weapon has a certain Damage. But they didn’t tell us what it exactly means. So, does the Damage mean Damage Per Second or Damage per Hit?

Why are the bodies of my dead dwellers disappearing in Fallout Shelter?

I was wondering why some of my dead dwellers have disappeared? It wasn’t all of them, and it wasn’t necessarily the ones that had been dead the longest.

Outfits disappeared

I sent a dweller out into the wasteland for a day and he returned with loads of weapons and outfits. After collecting all the loot from him though, only some of the outfits showed up in storage, the rest has just disappeared. It wasn’t a problem with storage space because after only collecting some of […]

Does recalling an explorer and then resuming the exploration affect the quality of loot collected?

Sometimes I recall my explorers at night, just to be on the safe side. But in the morning, I realize that they have health and resources left to keep going, so I make them explore a little farther. The exploring path looks something like this: <———————————————-|vault 48h exploring ————> |vault 6h returning (at double the […]

Will vault dwellers heal over time?

I’m recovering from a serious rad-roach infestation. All my surviving dwellers are injured and/or have serious radiation poisoning (red bar). Do I have to heal every dweller, or (assuming I have sufficient water/food) will they heal themselves over time? Does radiation poisoning go away by itself too?

What happens when a vault dweller levels?

Does leveling up a vault dweller ever cause his stats to increase, or is leveling purely for getting caps? It seems like I only ever get caps and nothing else good. Can someone explain what all happens (health increase, more damage, anything?) when you level up a person in your vault?

How do you reset timers?

I tried out the clock setting cheat on a throw-away vault but somehow it also messed up my real one so now they both have 3000+ hours on radio station and 70d+ on returning wastelanders.. Any way to reset all the timers to default? For some reason my phone refuses to change time at all […]

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