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How am I supposed to use the Radio Room?

My vault has a Radio Room 3 rooms wide fully upgraded. I have 5 people in the room with relatively high Charisma. Yet it seems every session I run I get nobody to the vault using the radio. It seems like I get at most 1 person every 5 days or so of playing this, […]

What's the best room to assign dwellers to?

I have a quest that requires me to assign 15 dwellers to the right room for them, and I seem to be stuck at 9. I don’t have access to all possible rooms yet, so that may be a part of my problem, but in general… Is there a way to tell which room a […]

Can I prevent molerat attacks by surrounding all rooms with elevators?

The loading tooltip mentions that molerat attacks can only start in rooms touching dirt. However, attacks do not start in elevators. As such, can I make my vault molerat proof by completely surrounding it with elevators?

How do I use Stimpaks and RadAways on Dwellers in the Wasteland?

So, in Fallout Shelter, whenever I send my Dwellers to the Wasteland, I give them five Stimpaks and five RadAways, but they never use them when they are injured/radiated. I don’t know how to make my Dwellers use them. How do I do this?

All dwellers are radiated – how could this happen?

I’ve come back to my game now after a half hour. Everything seems fine – enough food, water and electricity. But as I selected the first person to check their health, he was radiated about the half of their life. I checked all others. EVERYONE is radiated. What could happened? I have 40 dwellers in […]

Unhappy dweller due to unseen corpse

I have unhappy dwellers in one of my power plants due to a corpse that is no longer there. I didn’t revive the corpse, I just buried it instead and now they are unhappy. I have moved them to other rooms and back. I have removed them and put completely new dwellers in the power […]

What happens if I ignore my Fallout Shelter game for two weeks?

I just started playing Fallout Shelter yesterday. I’m going to be working away from civilization for two weeks and will not have the time nor power nor inclination to play a phone game. I would like to not come back to a shelter full of skeletons. What can I do to mitigate the damage to […]

What is resource usage based on in Fallout Shelter?

In Fallout: Shelter, managing the three available resources (Power, Food, Water) is an important mechanic. However, I’m not quite sure what determines the usage of these resources. For food and water, I would expect it to be based on the amount of dwellers in the entire vault. However, it doesn’t sound completely unreasonable that the […]

How can I repair Mr. Handy?

My Mr. Handy has been busy trying to solo deathclaws, mole rats, and such. Now he is a bit worse for wear. How can I repair him?

How do I use junk?

I’m pretty new to this game and probably missing something really obvious, but I can’t figure out how to use junk. That microscope would probably be useful in the medical bay, for example. What do I press to make it go?

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