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Who does Bottle & Cappy cheer up?

So I ran a mission and rescued Bottle & Cappy. They now show up randomly, and I’ve seen some people’s happiness rise, one in particular went from 10% to 75%. Now one of my quest runners (basically my Avatar in the game, so I keep a close eye on him). He recently died, and on […]

Do the raiders ever cap out on weaponry?

I’ve noticed that the raiders are getting better and better weaponry each time they raid? Will this eventually stop? Is there some upper limit or will I eventually need the best weaponry in the game just to fend them off?

Does mister handy collect resources offline?

Or only when you’re active/logged in to the game? Also, do aim stimpacks and radaways count as “resources” that he collects?

Does a bigger radio room translate into higher chances for a rare or legendary dweller?

Okay, first things first: can you actually get a rare/legendary dweller from the radio room? First I built a 2-wide radio room with high-charisma dwellers working it and average dwellers were arriving nicely enough, okay. But, if I want rare/legendary dwellers, can I expect them to show up from broadcasting? If I build a bigger […]

What are the factors that affect the random caps reward from production collection in Fallout Shelter?

I recently went through the trouble of maxing out the luck and relevant SPECIAL of all my dwellers in Fallout shelter. My vault has around 160 some odd dwellers and all of my rooms have dwellers with a SPECIAL for that room of 10 and luck of 10. For example, my gardens all have dwellers […]

Is this a bug or is it luck?

I sent out a lvl 7 dweller to explore the wasteland. I just picked up some resources and when I just started looking how it is actually going (~5 minutes later) it read something about “let’s check the metal chest” and then I found a destabilizer. After a bit research I figured out that this […]

Is there any danger in using the Fatman?

So the Fatman weapon dropped from an awarded lunchbox and I was wondering if using it inside the vault could cause any friendly fire or anything like that.

So many deathclaws… How do I make them stop?

I’m apparently doing something wrong. I’m getting raided by deathclaws constantly(at least once per session), and they do some real damage to my dwellers. The in-game hints say they are attracted by the radio and opening my vault, but I don’t know if there is a way to turn the radio off while my vault […]

How many rooms can merge together?

I know up to 3 rooms can merge together. I’m low on money so I can’t risk it to build a 4th one. Will the 4th one merge too or is it only 3?

Is it possible to repeatedly trigger sixtieth hour events?

When exploring the wasteland, there are special events that trigger at or around 60 hours of exploration. Is it possible to recall someone who has been exploring 61 hours and triggered the event and then tell them to resume exploring once they’ve walked an hour home to trigger the event again? The hour walk home […]

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