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Can you form alliances between the main story factions?

I have been playing the main story, and I believe I am approaching the point where I must chose between the factions. Is there a way to ally any of the factions, and if so, which? What faction will I have to join to create said alliance?

Where can I find the Vault-Tec lab coat?

The Fallout wiki lists this apparel item as being in the dockhouse south of the Harbormaster hotel. I think I found the place (with a dead brahmin outside) but its suitcase contains a Postman Uniform. Where can I find this +2 INT coat? Edit: I also checked Vault 111 again and you cannot loot the […]

Preston stops following me after retaking the castle

I’ve just completed the mission to retake the castle for the Minutemen. Preston was my follower before the mission, then left when it started to go to the meeting point. After completing the mission he returned to Sanctuary and I can no longer speak to him, does anyone know if this is a bug, or […]

How do I power up the radio transmitter?

I’m on the “Taking Independence” mission with the Minutemen and now I need to power the radio transmitter. I already built a generator, but that doesn’t seem to be enough, I need to connect it somehow. How exactly do I connect the generator to the transmitter? The various electricity items I can build in the […]

What effect does feeling Well Rested have?

After sleeping, you’ll receive a message stating that “You feel Well Rested”: What effect does feeling Well Rested have?

How do I make manufacturing plants?

I’d love to make my own ammo, but the UI is not very helpful… how do I set up manufacturing plants? Do the tracks need to be connected to anything? How do I supply them with resources?

Is there any way to redistribute your skills/perks?

In Fallout 4, is there any way to change your skills/perks after you’ve gotten out of the vault, with or without cheating?

Do companions have S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats?

More specifically, are companions affected by buffs to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, such as a +1 STR from equipped gear? Are there any stats more useful to buff than others, for certain characters?

Is there any benefit to having multiple recruitment radio beacons?

I want to populate my settlements faster, is there any purpose in placing multiple recruitment radio beacons in them?

How, specifically, does the difficulty level affect the game?

I understand what the game already tells you in the general sense… it changes enemy damage, resistances, and chance of legendary monsters appearing. But, specifically, how does the difficulty level affect the game? Is going from Normal to Hard a 5% increase in damage? 50%? 200%? Are there any additional things changed that aren’t mentioned. […]

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