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Can I transfer a PS4 save file to PC?

Is it possible to copy a PS4 Fallout 4 save file to a PC and use it with the PC version?

Which NPCs share my love of eating dead NPCs?

After butchering a couple dozen Raiders, my health was low & I started working up quite the appetite. So naturally, I decided to eat a few of the Raiders. However, my companion did not share my enthusiasm and very pretty disgusted by it. Later that day, I saw one of my settlers get brutally murdered […]

Is it possible to tell the stealth value of my current armor?

I’m evaluating different armor types and mods to figure out what works best as for my stealthy character. Unfortunately, in comparing one armor set with another I’ve only found anecdotal advice: less weight is better “lighter build” mods help “shadowed” mods help “padded” mods help But I can’t find any numbers for an actual comparison, […]

I bought a dog. What is it good for?

So, while I was investigating the Museum of Witchcraft, I bumped into a traveling dog-seller who reluctantly sold me a dog. I set up a second dog house in my backyard, watched as my adorable Dogmeat moved into it after I dismissed him in favor of Preston (1. Preston will give me a perk if […]

Best 'under armour' clothing

Which clothing is the best to wear under armour ? You obviously want to maximise protection as much as you can and this means you should use every layer of clothing possible. You can wear power armour, normal armour and then some types of clothing as a 3rd layer, but only specific items such as […]

Fallout 4 PS4: Are the character outfits bugged?

I have had to load a previous saved game (again), only this time Kellogg’s outfit, the minute men General’s Uniform, and the Silver Shroud outfit have vanished from my workbench. Is this another bug?

How to make the settlers STEAL my stuff?

I am not the type of selfish hoarder and would actually prefer to share with other settlers in our small communities rather than sell those 10mm for 30 caps or run around with thousands of bullets. What I am really asking is: Is there a simple and convenient way to distribute unwanted weapons, ammo and […]

Faction Membership Limits in Fallout 4

Are there any limitations to the faction memberships you can have in Fallout 4? I’m brand-new to the Fallout universe, and just got to the point of being invited to the Brotherhood of Steel. However, I’m a bit concerned about their politics and how it may affect my standing with other factions I may encounter. […]

Transferring Fallout 4 Saves (PS4)

So I have a pretty good save on my brothers Playstation, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to use a save from his playstation on to my account on my playstation. A problem that may occur is that my dad and I share a family account so he has the only plus account, […]

Preston Garvey won't talk to me

After completing The First Step, Preston Garvey will no longer talk to me. If I walk up to him, I see the option to press E to initiate a talk but pushing E doesn’t do anything. Is there anyway I can reset him so that I can talk to him again?

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