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Why did all my cool power armors turn into rusty T-45's?

I had 5 sets of power armor in Sanctuary, and before I saved and stopped playing, I took out all the cores. However, when I started playing again there were pieces missing and paint jobs had been reset back to default state. My Sanctuary is well guarded, with a 198 defense, and good happiness levels. […]

Does carry weight affect stealth?

I know armour weight affects stealth, but does how much you’re carrying have any effect? (More text so that it meets quality standards)

How to store items safely?

In Skyrim and previous Fallout games, you needed a home to store your findings permanently. Is this still the same in Fallout 4? And when will the first spot come in the main story line?

Will companions/settlers still run out of ammo if I give them a matching gun?

If I give a gun that uses the same ammo type as the default gun carried by companions/settlers, will they still run out of ammo? For instance, all settlers carry a standard pipe pistol using the .38 bullet. If I give them an upgraded pipe auto pistol or pipe rifle will they now need bullets?

What is the component cost of each Workshop item in Fallout 4?

A few times I’ve needed to go and fetch junk from an existing settlement to build turrets or other items at a new settlement (before I’ve set up a supply line) and I haven’t been able to find a list of the workshop menu contents and the components needed to build them. That means I […]

Why does The Institute kidnap people?

Not sure if this is the right place for story/lore questions but here goes. Why does The Institute kidnap and replace people with synths? What do they hope to accomplish? What do they do with the missing person? Exploring dialogue options I haven’t been able to discover the reasons behind beyond “For science!”.

How can I avoid being killed by Subway Stewards/Ticket Inspectors?

Whenever I power up the Protectrons in the College Square Station subway (in ‘Subway Steward’ mode), they ask me for my token. If I attempt to show them my subway tokens however, they immediately try and kill me.. I have tried Interacting with them (‘Talk’ action) Dropping a Subway Token and dangling it in front […]

Do sneak attacks stack with crits?

I am playing an assassin character. I focus on silenced pistols and eventually develop melee weapons as well. My question is if any of you know if the sneak attacks stack with critical hits? example: Let’s say my silenced pistol does 50 damage and I have a 4x sneak attack multiplier (due to the Ninja […]

How do I dispose of a corpse?

So I killed a bunch of raiders from a settlement, now their rotting fly infested corpses are lying around clogging up the joint. How do I dispose of their corpses?

Are VATS shots considered “hip fire” for weapon mod purposes?

This is two overlapping questions: Are VATS shots considered hip fire? If so, for weapons that I use most often in VATS, does it benefit me to pick mods that improve hip fire accuracy?

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