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While in workshop mode, what is the difference between green and yellow highlighted items?

While walking around and scrapping all of the clutter around Sanctuary, I noticed that some items highlight as yellow, and others as green. From what I can tell, green objects are movable and reusable (ex. Chairs, cabinets, etc.) and yellow just seems like junk with no function (ex. Tree trunks, cars, etc.). Is there any […]

Which holidays does Diamond City celebrate?

I went to Diamond City the other day and noticed Christmas trees and colored lights all over the marketplace. I thought it was pretty awesome, and looking at my Pip Boy, I also noticed it happened to be 12/25. Neat. I also saw a post on some forum where somebody visited Diamond City during 10/31 […]

Do you have to assign every settler manually?

Will every single settler not explicitly assigned a job “loaf around” as it were? Or are there some tasks (obviously not all, see scavenging bench) that are automatically filled, like crops will grow as long as enough people are there no matter if you’ve assigned settlers to them or not.

What determines when a location is 'CLEARED' on the map?

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a while and have noticed that some locations are marked as ‘CLEARED’ when I hover over them on the map. I remember seeing this type of note in Skyrim too, but I never learned what exactly makes a location ‘CLEARED’. I have some location cleared where I still have […]

What Is The Best Weapon (Base Damage Stat)?

I Was exploring a factory where there was a lot of death claws so I got ruined. What is the best weapon on the game because I heard there is a nice bit of loot in their.

What does a Scavenging Station do and how do I use it?

I’m at a loss here. I’ve built a Scavenging station and I assigned one of my settlers to it. I can’t seem to harvest anything from it, use it in any way or see the benefit of having one. What is the purpose of this thing?

If I scrap a locked safe, does its content go to the workshop?

In Fallout 4, when using the workshop in a settlement you can scrap containers. If you do so while they still contain something their content go to the workshop inventory (according to comments on this answer). But you can also scrap locked safes. If you do so, does the content also go to the workshop […]

What's more efficient: lightened armor or pocketed armor?

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I feel like I can tell you guys this: I have a bit of a weight problem. As I’ve progressed through the game and my loadout has changed, the newer items seem to weigh a bit more, decreasing my carrying capacity. This means less loot carrying ability and more […]

Is it possible to obtain the Ballistic Weave mod in Fallout 4 without hitting a point of no return?

So after some reading around today, I discovered that it is possible to upgrade clothing to incorporate ballistic weave. As somebody who finds power armor to be a bit bulky and unwieldy and not at all flattering to my figure, I love the idea of being able to upgrade clothing for better protection. According to […]

Do critical hits exist outside of V.A.T.S. and sneaking?

I ask this because I’ve not once had any indication of a critical hit with my weapons, outside of V.A.T.S. Are they no longer a random factor in combat like in New Vegas?

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