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Where is the bunker at Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates?

I have found a radio signal, it says: Anyone out there; if you can hear me I’m trapped inside a bunker in… er, what is this? Fiddler’s Green Estates. Got some crawlies outside – it’s nothing I couldn’t normally handle but I’m nursing a bum leg. Could use an assist However, after killing everything and […]

What's the purpose of sitting down in Fallout 4?

The wastelands and the various settlements within Fallout 4 is full of chairs, sofas, benches, and various other items that allow you to sit on them. Does sitting actually have a purpose or is it just an alternate to sleeping but without the “Well Rested” bonuses? What’s the purpose of sitting down in Fallout 4?

How can I repair power armor?

I have a set of badly damaged power armor that I got early in the game, but I have no idea how to actually repair it. There isn’t an option in the inventory for it. How exactly can I repair the pieces of power armor that I have?

What's the point of the radiation gauge when using power armor?

When I first put on the power armor, I immediately noticed the radiation gauge. Since it’s so noticeable, I thought radiation could still kill your character. However, after some trial and error, it seems that wearing power armor seems to stop radiation from having an effect on your character. That being said, what is the […]

Can you drop bottlecaps?

I’ve found a few lonely bottlecaps out on the wastelands, but I was wondering if you can get them out of your inventory onto a table to make, say, a bottlecap pyramid. As a bonus question I was also wondering if you could give your companions bottlecaps since I believe their efforts should be rewarded.

Does cannibalism satisfy hunger?

In Fallout 4’s new Survival Mode, you must stay well fed, among other things, to keep in good health. Failing to do so can cause fatigue, temporarily hurt your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, lower immunity, and even cause physical damage. Does cannibalism satisfy your hunger the same way food in your inventory does, so that you can […]

What are some ways to increase damage resistance?

I’m trying to play the game without relying on power armour and from my playthrough i’m finding that i’m limited in how high i can get my armour rating. The armourer perk i believe only unlocks extra mods to further increase an armour’s resistance rating but only up to a point. I’ve yet to come […]

When storing built items in workshop, what happens to them?

I wanted to move one of the medium power generators I built to a different location in my settlement. So I thought I could store it in my workshop, run over to the new location and place it from storage. However selecting “Store in workshop” just removed the item, it doesn’t appear in the workshop […]

How can I increase my experience gain when handing in quests?

Will using Mentats before handing in quests affect experience gain? I’m piling up a few quests to hand in. If I buff my Intelligence two points with Mentats, will I get more experience when I hand in the quest? Do the Mentats bonuses stack?

What are the consequences of destroying the USS Constitution?

I’m on a mission from the navigator of the USS Constitution to get a guidance chip back from some scavengers that stole it, however upon speaking to the scavengers they’ve presented me with the opportunity to instead attack the USS Constitution and then loot it for scrap, or at least use me to attack the […]

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