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How many Rads when wearing power armour

I maybe being stupid but I can’t see how many rads I currently have, while wearing power armour? I can take the armour off, and then it shows up as part of my health bar, but when in power armour it only seems to display the ‘current’ absorption of rads, not the total amount? Am […]

Why use the existing radio tower?

At a certain point in the Minute Men quests you obtain a settlement which has a large radio in it. This radio requires 10 power and a settler to use it. Compared to the default radio (1 power, no settler) it has some major drawbacks. Is there any reason to continue using that radio? (other […]

How do legendary weapon effects work with shotguns?

In doing some weapon research, I’ve read that others prefer the “Explosive” legendary effect on shotguns and laser weapons with the beam-splitter, since they’ve reported (such as here) that each separate pellet/beam of the shot will gain that effect. There are a few other weapon effects that seem to affect on a “per shot” basis […]

How much carry weight does “Pocketed” add?

You have the ability to mod your armor and give it a property of “Pocketed” which adds carry weight but it doesn’t specify how much. Does it depend on the type of armor that you mod or what the armor is made of?

Which stats/perks are more important in new survival mode?

Which perks and SPECIAL attributes have become more important in the new Survival Mode (which is a Steam beta as of this writing)? Some that were merely “nice” in non-Survival playthroughs have become much more valuable with the harsher rules. Some of this depends on gameplay style of course (e.g., melee vs. ranged), but I’m […]

What are the repercussions of letting Skinny Malone live?

An insight from Mama Murphy told me that when the time came I could talk my way out of the confrontation with Skinny Malone. This allows us all to walk free with no deaths. During my first playthrough I killed everybody in the room. What are the repercussions of letting Skinny Malone live?

What are folders for?

I keep finding them around the Wasteland, but have yet to find a purpose for them. Are they a red herring item, or do they have some use?

Companion affinity change notification

You have probably noticed that messages will pop up whenever the Sole Survivor does something to increase the companions affinity. For example if you pick a lock the message will read “Piper liked that” if she is your companion. However, I noticed that this message does not appear all the time, there rather seems to […]

What are those brackets around the words “Hidden”, “Caution”, and “Danger” when you sneak?

I noticed when you are sneaking around, the words “Hidden”, “Caution”, and “Danger” have brackets around them that seem to jump sporadically. What purpose do they serve exactly?

How does being addicted affect you?

I was carrying too much and decide to drink some whiskey for additional strength. I did that a few times and then I got a notification say “You are now addicted to alcohol”. How will the affect the game?

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