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What can get destroyed in your settlements?

So far, nothing in my settlement (I favour the Starlight Drive-In) has been destroyed, but I’ve heard mention (in this question) of things getting destroyed in a settlement during an attack. Is there a list of those vulnerable objects? Is it limited to “items” like generators and people, or can walls and other “building” structures […]

How long do sleeping bonuses last?

You can temporarily gain the Well Rested perk, adding +10% experience, by sleeping in an owned bed. You can instead temporarily gain the Lover’s Embrace perk, adding +15% experience, by sleeping in any bed with a romantic companion nearby. How long do these bonuses last? I’ve heard 12 hours, which is listed on both those […]

Can your settlements actually get attacked?

I’ve done a little research but all I could find at first glance were pre-release theoretical posts. So do your settlements actually get attacked eventually, or is the Defence indicator only used to increase happiness? I would position my defences in very different manners if they’re going to serve in actual combat!

How do I place a door?

I’m trying to place a door, and nowhere seems to be a valid place. Do I need something else before to place it against? I’ve built a small basic square 4 walled structure, with a gap left a little wider than the door.

Can settlers wear power armor?

I am building a settlement and I want to know if settlers can wear power armor. If so, can they take the power armor if the power armor is on display on a power armor rack?

What's the highest possible amount of free Carry Capacity?

This question occurred to me while researching an answer for this one: What's more efficient: lightened armor or pocketed armor? Obviously, for a given piece of armor, Deep Pocketed will give you the best gain – net or otherwise – in free Carry Capacity. But now I’m curious to know what’s possible at the extreme […]

Nick Valentine disappeared… what to do?

Just before taking out the courser, when I was resupplying at the Castle, Nick disappeared. He was an active companion, and was with me at the Castle, but I could not find him by the time I left. Fast traveling to another location did not help. I exchanged him for Cait, and sent Nick to […]

How do I backstab someone?

In Fallout 4, there is a stat which counts the number of backstabs performed (at the bottom of the screen below). What is a backstab and how do I perform one ? I suppose it has to do with melee attacks and sneak, but I never found how to backstab someone…

What affects a trader/store generating caps?

I’ve heard they make more money the more idle settlers you have but haven’t seen proof. Any ideas? or is there no changing it and it’s just a static flow?

How can I determine my current relationship status?

Followers in Fallout 4 will grant specific perks (Do followers in Fallout 4 have any perks?), but is it possible to track your progress towards achieving these perks? In other words, how can I see relationship progress?

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