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Why won't Preston Garvey follow me back to the castle?

I started the castle mission for the Minutemen too early and was not able to complete the mission. After I fought the mirelurks and destroyed every last one of the eggs, I left mid-mission to do other quests. I traveled to Mass Pike Interchange with Preston and another companion and now Preston is stuck at […]

Highlight collectible items in Fallout 4

Is there any way/mod to highlight containers or collectible items in Fallout 4? I’ve searched some forums and cheatsheets, but didn’t find any reference. Any idea?

I setup a supply line but I dont see shared items?

I setup a supply line from Tenpines Bluff to Red Rocket Station and Sanctuary, but I dont see the shared items in the workstation? I have 50 Concrete in Sanctuary but can’t see it in the Tenpines or Red Rocket station. Can someone explain this to me? Also how do I find the settler to […]

How do damage multipliers stack?

I’ve been wondering how multipliers stack since I got hold of Old Faithful, which deals x2 damage when the enemy hit was on full health. Do we know how this interacts with stuff like sneak attacks? (especially when this gets ranked up beyond x2) Or critical hits? or both? I can think of several possibilities […]

How do stats from chems / aid items stack? How do they add up?

I’ve noticed that chem stacking isn’t as straightforward as I initially imagined. I did the following experiment: S P E C I A L 6 5 4 5 6 7 2 -> initial stats without any chem consumption 8 7 6 5 8 7 2 -> buffout + mentats 9 10 7 5 8 7 […]

How do I use the Turret Override Program?

There is a holodisk called the Turret Override Program, which you obtain by finding a specific Total Hack magazine. Anytime you use a terminal that has turrets connected to it, you can “load” the override program to get additional options. There is a short readme file that states that “scrambling” the targeting parameters will cause […]

Settlement happiness level doesn't go above 80%

It seems in Fallout 4 (Xbox One), I cannot get my settlements to go above 80% happiness. I was told that getting your Charisma level up, building shops, and decorating settlements (as well as satisfying water levels, food levels, etc.) that the happiness level should continually grow until it hits 100%. This doesn’t seem to […]

Can I be in character as the Silver Shroud and still complete the optional objective?

I am on the quest “The Silver Shroud”. There is an optional objective Save Kent If I progress in character as The Silver Shroud, make all of the choices as the Silver Shroud would, I am unable to complete the optional objective. Is it possible to complete the optional objective as the Silver Shroud (in […]

What can I do with stripped Power Armour Frames?

So, I’m a kleptomaniac when it comes to playing games like Fallout 4, which includes Power Armour suits. Usually if I find a suit with better stuff than the one I have back at my base I take it home with me so I can strip it down and upgrade my main suit of armour… […]

How much rad resist is needed for The Glowing Sea?

I’ve just entered The Glowing Sea for the mission in the main quest line, but am having some difficulties. I went in wearing a Hazmat suit (giving 1000 rad resist) in order to minimize radiation damage, and am receiving <1 rads. However because I cannot wear armor with the Hazmat suit I am struggling with […]

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