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What is the best way to defend settlements?

I started out building defensive structure around my settlements. I’ve heard settlements can be attacked, I’ve been building the simple turrets. What is an effective defense strategy? In a raid, are those simple turret effective? What are the best defensive structures to build to defend against a raider attack? Does their placement matter?

What's the most efficient way to raise the happiness values in my settlement?

My settlement has 5 people right now and my happiness value for the people seem to be dropping ever so often. I’d like to know what’s the most efficient way to raise the happiness values in my settlement? Do I need specific furniture? Or do I just need enough of the other resources (food, power, […]

What happens to extra materials from salvaged junk?

So I have read through multiple questions about how the workshop handles the various categories when it automatically scraps things to produce raw materials for projects that you are building. It has been clearly shown that anything outside of the “junk” category is safe from automatic salvage. However, I wanted to know what happens to […]

What's the fastest way to earn money/caps?

Melon farming? Selling items with a few perks turned on? (Or is that slow because you can only get what shopkeepers have in their cash box?) Rob a bank? What’s the most efficacious method for getting rich fast?

How to tell which magazines I've found

I’ve found a few magazines in the game but I’ve since sold them and forgotten which ones they were. Is there any way to find out which ones I’ve found so far?

What are the effects of the various Protectron Personality Modes?

When activating a protectron in Fallout 4 you get the chance to choose its Personality Mode. The available modes are: Default Subway Steward Law Enforcement Fire Brigadier Medical Responder Construction Worker Do these modes serve any purpose ? Is there any actual difference in the protectron behavior ?

Is it possible to un-equip power armor frames from NPCs?

I’ve made my way to Corvega Assembly Plant and have encountered a “Raider Scum” enemy in Power Armor with a Fatman. I’ve killed him and could loot his power armor parts, as well as everything he had equipped with the exception of his power armor frame which he seems to be wearing still. I am […]

How can I get more adhesive?

I’ve found that my modding sprees almost always end when I run out of adhesive. I keep adhesive marked as a needed component all the time, and grab every piece of marked junk I see. I also check every vendor for duct tape and the like. Is there a more reliable way to get adhesive […]

Do followers in Fallout 4 have any perks?

The player character can select perks that increase weapon damage or add other effects. Do your followers have any of these?

How do I connect power to a light bulb?

I can’t seem to figure out how to connect my light bulb to the generator to make it turn on. How do I do this?

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