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Do companions drain fusion cores?

If I tell a companion to wear power armor, will they drain the fusion core? If not, I could have the companion wear the armor to save energy when I’m walking places. When I get two suits, I can just have the companion wear the armor all the time.

The Molecular Level – Game is bugged

As I’ve seen online, there are problems with this stage in the game for so many people. I’ve looked up some solutions to fix the mission but they don’t seem to work for me at all. I’ve tried clearing everything and then re-placing it all but that doesn’t work, it still hasn’t checked off anything […]

Where does Fallout 4 store save files?

Where are the save games stored? I want to create a copy of them but I cannot find where they’re stored! Where do I need to look to find my save files?

Why won't my companions react to the correct actions at all?

When you take an action in front of a companion, that companion may like or dislike that action which affects your relationship with them. This is accompanied with a message stating something like “[xy liked that.]”. Depending on the companion, they can react to actions such as stealing, entering Power Armour, Picking a lock etc, […]

How can I tell if something is in weapons range?

Is there any visual indicator or a way of measuring how far away a target is? That way I can see if I’m outside of my sniper rifles optional range before shooting.

Does modding or using console commands disable Steam achievements for Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 mods are starting to pour in over at Nexus Mods. If I install a mod or enter a console command, will Steam achievements for the game be disabled?

Which early game NPC is the better pack mule?

In general when I play RPGs I tend to be a bit of a kleptomaniac and a bit of a pack rat. So, of course Fallout 4’s crafting system that leaves nothing to waste is enabling this behavior even further. I have discovered that Dogmeat can carry a bunch of my junk, allowing me to […]

What does “tracks targets” mean in the description of recon scopes?

I noticed the option to craft Recon Scopes for certain weapons which requires a higher level of Gun Nut than I currently have. The description mentiones “tracks targets” as one benefit of the mod, what exactly does this do?

Where should I return all of my overdue library books?

I’ve found Overdue Books all over the wasteland. It’s not particularly surprising that a little thing like Nuclear War would keep people from returning things to their friendly local library, I guess. Fortunately, the Boston Public Library has an innovative and automated system to pay a bounty for the return of overdue books! It’s mostly […]

What is the last quest that I can complete for each faction?

For the four factions (the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Minutemen, and the Railroad), what is the last quest that I can complete for each faction, in each of their quest lines? I completed “The Molecular Level” and got help from the Railroad, so they want me to help synths escape. And I’m also […]

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