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Can you remove a gem from gear?

Let’s say I have a normal topaz and I drop it into an item. I then find two more normal topazes (topazei?) and I want to combine them. Can I then remove the gem from that item, and if so how will it effect the gem and the item in question?

What is the earliest act of inferno where you can find the highest item level?

From what I understand there are 18(or 16? conflicting information) tiers of items in Diablo 3. I assume that it might be 16 because that would equal a tier for each act/difficulty. What is the earliest act in inferno where the highest item level can be dropped? Does tier affect item level in any way? […]

Which Barbarian ability and rune triggers Life on Hit (LoH) and for how much?

Rewording the initial question from a Sidearm only question to all the barbarian abilities Is there an overview that tells me which Barbarian ability profits from Life on Hit and if it is affected by diminishing returns (let’s say if a Sidearm hit only heals partially what a normal hit does – or nothing at […]

What is the difference between the Crafting achievements 'Like Stars In the Sky' and 'Perfect As Tears'?

Both of them ask for crafting each of the 4 different Radiant gems, I am very far from having a single one but they seem to be duplicates to me – are there any differences?

How does health link work, exactly?

I’m kind of confused by this mod on elite enemies. Is it supposed to make it harder to kill each one individually? If so, how does it work?

Is Black Hole a Knockback?

Is the spell Black Hole counted as knockback? It would be insane with Strongarm Bracers. I’ve googled it and some people say it does, while others say it doesn’t, does anyone have an offical statement about that or tested this on his own?

+% life vs +% resistance

This is regarding the invigorate and Impunity runes of Barbarian’s warcry. In short, impunity gives +50% to resistance, while invigorate gives +10% life (+ some regeneration). Many people come to rely on this EHP (Effective Health Pool) calculator to compare the effect of these two runes. According to this calculator, impunity is the clear winner. […]

How does +% damage on weapons work?

Say, for example, I have a weapon with 500 DPS and for stats it says +20% damage, +120 vitality, etc. Is that +20% damage incorporated with the 500 DPS shown or is it 500dps + an additional 20% damage? I assume it is incorporated otherwise it would make those weapons a bit too op no? […]

How do monster level and act number affect crowd control reduction?

If I understand this post correctly, then each level a monster has on you gives them 5% reduction to CC? And elites in Inferno have a base 50% CC reduction? Please tell me if this is correct: Act 1 Inferno (Level 61 monsters) – 55% reduction Act 2 Inferno (Level 62 monsters) – 60% reduction […]

Vendor iLevel over Inferno

I’m curious about the quality of the items sold by merchants in Inferno. My perception is that ACT 1 and ACT 2 seem to sell the same quality items, am I right, or does the quality of sold items improve with passing acts?

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