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Does the Monk passive skill “Resolve” stack with multiple Monks applying it?

If you have 2 monks in your party, and they both have the passive “Resolve” ability which decreases enemy damage by 25% for 2.5 seconds when you inflict any damage, if they both hit the same enemy will the Resolve effect stack and cause additional damage reduction? If it does stack, is the effect truly […]

Diablo 3 Side quests list

In every act how many Diablo 3 Side quests are there? I have stumbled across a few but im not sure if i have missed any?? And advice would be much appreciated

Sharing Whimsyshire crafting materials between difficulties

I just got Black Mushrooms in our nightmare run of D3, and I got Leoric’s bone from the Normal difficulty. Can I combine these materials (plus the rest of course) to build the staff?

How much do health globes heal

Health Globes or Orbs are dropped from killed monsters or spawn in some locations. How much do they heal, is it a set amount or a percentage, and are there any other mechanics, like buffs, de-buffs that change the amount healed. I would appreciate an formula if one is available.

Where can I view Tyrael's Sacrifice cinematic in-game?

The Diablo 3 main menu has a Cinematics button: Where you can choose to view cinematics you’ve unlocked: Except you’ll notice there’s no option to view Tyrael’s Sacrifice again. Where’s the option to view Tyrael’s Sacrifice again?

How much more armor is required to maintain the same % damage absorption for each level of monster?

Like World of Warcraft, given the same amount of armor, the physical damage % absorbed by your armor diminishes as you fight higher level monsters. Does anyone know how much this is diminished by for each level of monster? For example, how many more armor points I need to maintain the same amount of absorption […]

Why doesn't Blowin' in the Wind's count update?

Why doesn’t the achievement Blowin’ in the wind update? I keep breaking objects with Whirlwind but alas nothing happens on the count. Could the objects be specific or is it only updated once or day? Does anyone have some experience with it?

How does Skill Cooldown Reduction work?

I found a Flow of Eternity on my monk. How low can I get the cooldown of one skill, in this case Seven Sided Strike? If there is a cap on skill CDR how does that relate to general skill cooldown?

Is it viable to invest in gold find instead of magic find for getting crafting materials?

If I’m craving for crafting material, I see two potential sources for magic items to salvage – either finding them in limited quantities in monster-infested dungeons, or leisurely buying in infinite quantities from merchants. (which of course requires gold, which unfortunately also hides in dungeons) Magic Find bonuses can help me with the former method, […]

Does Life Steal apply to damage dealt by Thorns?

Some pieces of equipment have an attribute that states, “Melee attackers take X damage per hit.” Another attribute is, “X% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life.” My question is: Does damage dealt by Thorns count as “Damage Dealt” when calculating Life Steal?

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