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Is there a non-DPS reason to favour a crossbow/hand crossbow/bow?

The idea of a bow in each hand barrelling into the depths of Hell has an appeal reminiscent of an old gun slinger movie, six shooter in both hands. Thus far, however, I’ve been lugging around a big ol’ crossbow because of its superior DPS. DPS aside and bonuses provided by a particular item’s affixes […]

Do minions summoned by other enemies or bosses give XP?

Enemies such as The Tomb Guardian will summon skeletons during battle. Do these minions give XP when they are killed?

Hardcore vs Standard Shared Stash Limitations

Can you exchange items between your hardcore and standard characters, using your shared stash?

Changing Paragon Portraits

I just unlocked a new Paragon Portrait and I’m finding that I don’t like the look all that much. I’ve tried right-clicking and looking through options, but I haven’t seen a way to change my selected Paragon Portrait. Can I switch back to a lower-level Paragon Portrait? If so, how?

Do I earn experience faster in a group?

Generally speaking, if I’m in a full group, will I level up faster than I would if I were playing solo? This is obviously a broad question with a lot of variables, so let me try to eliminate a few: Assume that we progress through content at the same rate in both scenarios. Assume that […]

How do I fully uninstall the Diablo 3 beta for Mac?

The beta doesn’t have an uninstaller, Blizzard’s directions are (by their own admission) not thorough. Where are all of the D3 directories and preference files, and what is the most effective way to zap them?

What is the maximum stack size for potions in Diablo 3?

Question is pretty self-explanatory. How many potions of the same type can I have in one stack?

How do mobs with “Shielding” work?

Some Elite/Champion mobs have a “Shielding” modifier where they bubble themselves for a while. How does the shield work; does it absorb a fixed amount of HP? Are they totally immune (from damage and effects) while encased?

What is the requirement to give my party members the Nephlem bonus?

To make sure every member in my party gets the bonus what are the requirements? Does each person have to: be alive? hit the mob? be in the range of the buff (if there is a range)? be in the same area?

How do I increase my chances of finding the Liquid Rainbow, Gibbering Gemstone, and other Staff of Herding reagent drops?

The Staff of Herding’s specific reagents are rare drops, specifically Act 2’s Liquid Rainbow and Act 3’s Gibbering Gemstone. My friends and I have already spent hours farming these to no avail. Is there anything I can do to influence these drops? Perhaps Magic Find or changing the difficulty? Is there any way to reliably […]

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