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How do the different difficulty levels affect the gameplay?

In Diablo III there are four different levels of difficulty: Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno Obviously there will be more and stronger opponents, but apart from that: What exactly are the differences?

Does Impending Doom decreases Exploding Palm's DPS?

The skill description of Exploding Palm reads: Cause a target to Bleed for 745% weapon damage as Physical over 9 seconds. The description of its Impending Doom rune reads: Increases the duration of the Bleed effect to deal 745% weapon damage as Physical over 15 seconds. If the rune changes the skill to do the […]

What random events are possible in the false crypts?

So I have played through the crypts a few times and I have run across two events so far, an endless wave of skeletons that you have to survive and recovering bones for a ghost. Are there any other events here? These two seemed to come with their own achievements which is why I am […]

Why does Diablo 3 insist on downloading 18gig when I try and install from DVD?

With the abandonment of the auction house, and the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion, I’ve decided to reinstall Diablo 3. I don’t have the fastest of Internet connections, and it has a monthly quota, so I dug out the original DVD to install from that. Before installing, it downloads some updates, then launches Battle.net client, […]

Attack Speed Breakpoints In Diablo 3

In Diablo 2, attack rate was calculated in terms of frames. This meant that there were discrete jumps as you broke certain Increase-Attack-Speed breakpoints. In Diablo 3, is there a similar discrete frame-based calculation, and what is the framerate used by the game engine in calculating attacks?

Are all skills affected by elemental damage increase?

In Diablo 3, all skills have an element assigned to them (physical, cold etc.). What I’m wondering is what happens if a skill does not do direct damage? For example: Mantra of Conviction, Inner Sanctuary with Forbidden Palace rune. They apply a debuff on enemies that makes them take x% additional damage. Is there a […]

Does blizzard actually slow enemies down and by how much?

Some runes like grasping chill slow enemies down. What about the others? My main use of blizzard is not really to damage enemy but to slow them down for poison hydra. The tooltips doesn’t say it snares at all. It says it does cold damage it doesn’t say it slows enemies. If it does by […]

Can I craft Spikes and other fist weapons for a Monk?

My blacksmith is at Level 3 (Adept) and I don’t see fist weapons that I can craft. Will be able to craft any fist weapons later? If so, what are the requirements?

Wizard CDR builds?

So I’ve been looking to improve my Wizard’s survivability in Inferno. I’ve looked into a group of Wizard builds called CDR (Cooldown Reduction) builds, whose primary skills are Critical Mass and Frost Nova. There seems to have been a lot of success with this build, but also Blizzard seems to have nerfed it substantially (Magic […]

How does +xp per kill on a follower works

When I equip a +xp per kill item on a follower, How is the extra xp gained? I’ve read already that I’ll get only 20% of the bonus (so a +5xp will become +1xp) but, will I get it for every kill made by both of us (the player and the follower) or will it […]

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