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Where does Shaitan The Broodmother spawn?

I know that Shaitan spawns in The Desolate Sands, but in what area of the map does it spawn?

Are books generated randomly or are they found in set places?

In my journal, I see the books that I’ve collected so far, however, some of them are still missing (for example Kulle’s Journal Part 3). Are books generated randomly across different dungeons or are they more or less found in set places?

Can I “reset” the story on a character that has completed it?

I have been playing Diablo 3 with friends and have been annoyed that they feel the need to rush through and skip dialogue. I see that I can go back to Act 1 and start again so that I catch the story, but I also see that followers and lore books (in particular) remain with […]

What changes to specific Witch Doctor skills can I make through equipment?

Before the game was released, data miners were speculating that each class would have a list of certain modifiers available on equipment that would provide small changes to the way class skills would work (e.g. “reduce cool down of wall of zombies by 2 seconds”). Have the existence of these modifiers on items been confirmed, […]

At what point do items that alter specific skills start appearing?

I have heard there are equipment attributes that will modify specific skills, such as “decrease cool down on wall of zombies by 2 seconds”. I’m really looking forward to these, as it may open up some new build strategies. At what point might I start seeing items like this drop?

How can I change the installation directory to drive A?

My friend is trying to install Diablo 3 in his windows 7. But he kind of messed up a little with his partitions. All his files (and also extra space) are in the drive A, but his OS (windows 7) is running from drive C Every time he tries to install Diablo, he change to […]

What does the error 32111 in the Auction house mean?

I was trying to buyout an item on the Auction house and it said error 32111. What does this mean? ( Now I have a logged error of it in my completed menu )

Can I compare weapons by their large white numbers?

I’m currently using a two-handed weapon and wanted to try out high DPS one-handed weapons in the store. I can’t tell if I can use the large white numbers to off-handedly compare DPS (pun unintended?). I.e., if I am ignoring bonuses from attributes (class DEX/INT/STR, attack speed, extra crit damage), will the sum of two […]

How is resistance percentage calculated?

My character’s resistance is listed on the details pane when I open my inventory, and it’s a simple integer. It appears to undergo some type of calculation to determine the percentage of damage each of these actually counts for: Judging by the tooltip, there’s some factor based on enemy (and/or my?) level. I believe these […]

Is it viable to grind above Normal for Torment now?

As I understand, before the recent patch, there was no point in doing any difficulty level other than normal to gear up for torment. The drop ammount of bloodshards and legendaries was the same in normal as in master. So basically, you grinded normal until you could handle torment efficiently and jumped straight to it. […]

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