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Is there a downside to upgrading to RoS asap

I have base Diablo 3 PC version, and am considering upgrading to Reaper of Souls. However, I haven’t completed all of the older content such as Infernal Machine available in the classic version – and from reading online, I know that the parts dropped by the IM bosses change in RoS. As such, is there […]

When doesn't Cyclone Strike pull enemies in?

I’ve noticed that there are times when Cyclone Strike just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. I thought it was due to enemies being frozen, but now I have seen some non-frozen enemies unaffected and some frozen enemies affected. What determines whether or not Cyclone Strike actually pulls enemies in?

Stuck on “Updating setup files…” when installing Diablo 3?

After a reasonable hiatus from Blizzard games, I have decided to reinstall Diablo 3. I used to have it installed and working on this machine and removed my previous install using Add/Remove Programs. However, now when I try to reinstall the game, the Diablo 3 Setup starts ‘Updating setup files…’ and then hangs; I have […]

What is the pulverize Exp Bonus?

I saw it flash once, and I didn’t have time to read its description… So what exactly is the Pulverize Exp bonus, and what could be the strategies to get it?

Can equipment be dyed in a trade window?

Collector Edition dyes are account bound and cannot be traded, however can they be used in a trade window to dye someone else’s gear? I do not have the CE dyes, but can see myself potentially wanting to dye my gear with those colors, and was wondering if I could pay someone to dye my […]

Is there a way to quick compare a weapon with the one in your off hand?

I’ve been dual wielding hand crossbows for an Act or so and it’s been going very well thus far. The quivers and crossbows/bows I’ve come across so far haven’t enticed me to switch and my good shield went on my Templar. I find a number of blue/yellow hand crossbows now and again and I like […]

Boss and drops/drop rate

Why does the drop rate drop after the first time you defeat a act boss such as diablo. and is there a way to increase the amount of drops gained?

Do items that increase skill based damage factor into displayed DPS

I recently equipped a helm that increased my monk’s crippling wave damage by 10%. The displayed DPS did not change nor did it change when i swap out crippling wave for a different skill. Is this a known issue? Is there another way to determine the DPS when using an item that increases skill based […]

Stats of already possesed items changed in patch

As some people may already now, there is a new patch launching for Diablo 3 soon. Reading through patch notes I came upon a change of an item for one of the classes (specifically monk, but question covers all). Blizzard made one of the items exceptionally stronger: The Fist of Az’Turrasq Exploding Palm’s on-death explosion […]

Where are the spawning areas in the Southern Highlands?

I’m trying to spawn the Abandoned Servant House and I want to be as efficient as possible but I have no idea how many possible spawning locations are in the Southern Highlands! If anyone has a map I would be most appreciative!

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