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Are bosses guaranteed to drop two yellow items the first time I kill them on normal?

A comment here suggests that Whenever you kill a boss for the first time (on normal difficulty only), it is guaranteed to drop at least 2 rares: One general rare and one specifically suited for your class Is this true? I’m fairly sure I didn’t get anything but blues the first two times I killed […]

Choosing a BattleTag, how is it used?

To play Diablo 3, you have to choose a BattleTag. Blizzard says the name will represent me on battle.net. I already have an account name for Starcraft 2, and I’m wondering if I should use the same name for the BattleTag. On the one hand, I’d would be nice to have the same name for […]

Do I earn less experience or items if I have a follower?

In Cathedral Level 3, I have the chance to either fight with or without the Templar. I thought the enemies would grow stronger relative to the size of my party, but typically this is announced by the game and there was no such message when I accepted him straight away. Will I get experience and […]

Do Seasonal characters nerf the game?

I haven’t played Diablo 3 in a while (maybe a year?) and I have recently created a Seasonal Barbarian Character. I have since beaten the game in ~4 hours and am halfway through my 2nd play through (ng+), and have yet to find any real challenge in the game – I beat Diablo in less […]

What video/audio codec does Blizzard use for its Diablo 3 cinematics?

Prompted by Why does over-clocking a CPU cause audio in Diablo 3 cinematics to go out of sync?

Can I claim bonuses from old and new versions of a set simultaneously?

In this question someone asked how updated items with new affixes worked, and I answered that items with altered affixes are generally distinct, new items, and that existing items are no retroactively updated. Here’s an interesting scenario that may have come up previously because of this but which will almost certainly come up a lot […]

Where did the Nightmare and Hell difficulties go in Diablo 3 after the expansion?

I recently felt like playing Diablo 3 again, which I bought at release and played for a month and then lost interest. I realized they changed a lot of stuff, but I cannot make sense of those difficulty levels. I can choose to switch a game to “hard” or more, and there is some advice […]

How is CC reduced in higher difficulties?

I’ve noticed that Leap with the Death from Above rune seems to stun normal monsters for a much longer time than champions in inferno. Is there a CC length reduction against different mob types in the higher difficulties of Diablo 3? If so, how much of a reduction is it?

Can the same artisan plan be used to make the same item N times?

The guide states that a plan can be used for the artisan to “learn” to craft a specific item, so I’m assuming that this knowledge can be used to make that item as much times as I want, is that true?

Do monsters have defensive stats in Diablo III?

Someone mentioned that monsters can have resistances in Diablo III. Because those mechanics are basically intransparent to the player, I wondered if that is actually the case and if there are other stats monsters can have? Do we have any knowledge how they get those stats? By monster type? By level? By boss modifier?

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