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Does cold damage count as slow?

I’m playing as a Demon Hunter and recently I was looking at the passive skills when I saw Cull the Weak skill that increases damage against slow enemies by 15%. The question is: does this skill only work with the effects of the other skills(Caltrops, Rapid Fire with Web Shot rune, Entangling Shot, etc)? Or […]

What does Blizzard mean by broadband?

According to Diablo 3 System Requirements, we need a broadband connection. What qualifies as “Broadband”? Does DSL-3Mb connection count? What could possibly be the issue with Wireless?

Extra experience from equipment

I would like to know what happens if I wear 2 or more items that reward extra experience per kill. For example, a helmet that adds 5% extra experience and a ring that adds 8% extra experience. What is the final extra experience I gain? 5%? 8%? 13%?

How do I unlock higher difficulty levels in Diablo III?

I know that there are four difficulty levels in Diablo 3 as follows: Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno Can the difficulty level be changed manually or does it automatically increase on subsequent play-throughs (i.e. moving from normal to nightmare, nightmare to hell) as in Diablo 2?

Why do some legendaries have stats beyond their definitions?

Here’s an example. First, take a look at the official DB entry for Andariel’s Visage. Note that only one random magic property should appear on the item, in addition to one of strength, dexterity and intelligence between 112 and 129. Well I just found an Andariel’s Visage which has 171 strength — well beyond the […]

What happens to the enemy's health after you die?

I have seen this post about death in D3 but it does not answer my question above. If you are alone or in a party, pull some enemy or enemies, then do a bunch of damage, but do NOT kill them, what happens to their health after you wipe? Does it get reset to full […]

Are the original Starcraft 2 WoL and HotS DVDs still useful for installing the game?

It’s been many years since those games came out, and in preparation for Legacy of the Void I’d like to replay the whole series. However, the Battle.net application is quoting me a ~20 GB download which is quite a lot for my internet connection. I’m also aware that the games have been heavily patched since […]

Is there any solution to the Error 300008 and Error 3006 message besides retry?

I have been trying to create a character (after login) and all of my attempts give me a reply of Error 300008 and Error 3006. Both saying Request timed out. Is this just because the servers are currently experiencing high volume of requests? Or is there something more on my end to resolve first? Note: […]

What rune makes Hungering Arrow do the most damage on average?

I have a Demon Hunter alt, and I was interested in comparing Hungering Arrow runes. Specifically, which rune should make it do the most damage on average? I saw on average because it can pierce and thus get you multiple hits in. Even if you’re firing at one target it can pierce, turn around, and […]

Are heal on hit also applied on dot effects?

In Diablo 3, I wonder if my life on hit also heals me on DOT effects. More specifically, I have a Barbarian with a certain amount of heal per hit. If I were to use the Rend spell (AOE DOT around me), would every damage tick, heal me for the full amount which is displayed […]

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