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Where is Cryder's Outpost

So some of the posts here show Cryder’s Outpost being in Act III in the Battlefield. I have run this like 40 times and it is the only dungeon I am missing from Act III. Can anyone verify this? Is it just one that does not spawn very often?

Can you display health values for monsters?

Is it possible to display actual numerical values of the health of a mob in Diablo 3? I know I can turn on the bars and I found that I can turn on numbers for Players, but not for the mobs (mobiles, monsters, whatever). I would swear I had this turned on in the open […]

Is my hero left-handed or right-handed?

In WoW and other games you see some difference in using an speed weapon in your left weapon slot and your right weapon slot. Is there any difference in Diablo 3? Should I use the X weapon in slot Y?

Enchant Property: Damage vs. Attack Speed %

There is a similar question about enchant properties for weapons, however I would want to know what should I favor on a ring(and other items): Average Damage or Attack Speed %? Here’s an example of an item: I know it depends on the other items and the build itself, however what is the basic(or advanced) […]

Can White Critters Drop Legendary Equipment?

Just wondering; can normal enemies drop Legendary quality equipment? What is the breakdown for probability for White/Blue/Yellow/Purple?

Where do I retrieve items bought at the Auction House?

I bought an item on the auction house a while back. Where do I get it?

How can I become the Hero of Caldeum?

I’ve tried this segment two or three times now, with and without allies. I can’t seem to save enough of the peasants to get this achievement. If I stop long enough to kill off the enemies, they all seem to decide the best place to stand is in the shadow of one of Belial’s meteors. […]

How do I get the “Instant Karma” achievement?

I have managed to get him to kill some of his minions by standing in the mob and not doing too much damage, but it takes way too long just for a couple of kills. What is the ability he uses that can kill his own minions (what does it look like), and how do […]

Are there unique hardcore quests in Diablo 3?

I had the chance to play one hardcore character in Diablo 3, and I found a quest in the crypts that I haven’t been able to find with normal characters. Are there quests unique to hardcore characters in Diablo 3 or are some quests simply very rare encounters?

Should we use slow or fast weapon on the wizard?

Should I max out DPS, or damage? I like arcane orb. Will the amount of damage enemies get depend on damage or dps? Does slow but big damage weapon better than fast and low damage weapon if DPS is the same? Note: My understanding is that I agree with all the answer. Pick high damage […]

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