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What're and where can I found timed dungeons?

I saw at Blizzcon the comment about the timed dungeons. What they really are and where can I find them? They still exist or was just an idea? Is there a requirement to get into one?

What are the ranges of each skill?

A number of skills seem to have a max range which is never explicitly mentioned in the skill. For example, when I cast Spirit Barrage, it will try to find a target near where I cast it, but will eventually stop if the target is too far away. Or I will cast Acid Cloud at […]

What are the special abilities the unique/champion monsters can have?

Unique and champion monsters will have a combination of randomly determined affixes/abilities, such as “nightmarish” or “waller”. What are all of the possible abilities?

Is there any damage type that cannot be resisted?

In other words, if each of your resistances provides 20% damage reduction from it’s respective damage type, is it the same as having 20% damage reduction from armor?

Is there a cap or soft-cap in % chance to find magic items?

Is there a cap or soft-cap in % chance to find magic items? Should I stop stacking MF items at some point?

How much time does the chilled debuff last on mobs after being applied in diablo 3?

How much time does the chilled debuff last on mobs after being applied in Diablo 3? I would like to know so I can plan accordingly my build on my wizard to cast a chilled/cold/frozen damage spell so the cold blooded rune 20% damage increase can apply. Must be just a few seconds but how […]

Why are there items with absolutely no attributes?

I have found 5 or 6 items now, all jewelry, that have no attributes. Just a socket and that is it. Is this a known bug, or is it just the luck of the draw? I would think an item is completely worthless without any attributes at all.

Is it worth investing in magic find early on in Diablo 3 to build up your piggy bank?

Presumably, magic find is going to end up netting you a lot of gold (via eventually giving higher chances for rare+ items). However, focusing on increasing gold drops seems like the immediate win for a early game character (let’s say for the first playthrough). What are the pros/cons of investing in magic find over gold […]

What skills don't reset Sharpshooter?

I know that Vault (Trail of Cinders) does not reset Sharpshooter, so after a while it always crits. Are there other skills that don’t reset Sharpshooter?

How are gem prices on the auction house determined?

Gem auctions are finally (re-)enabled for Diablo 3. However, they don’t work like all the other auctions: there are no auctions to choose from. Instead, it gives you a unit-price and tells you how much it will cost to buy X-number of them. How is this unit-price determined?

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