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CoC boosts to NG+ or just difficulty?

OK so to explain what I mean. When you join Covenant of Champions, it will boost the difficulty of the game to NG+ difficulty, cut off co-op summoning, and (I think) increases the chance to be invaded. But I want to know if it also adds items that you would find in NG+ as well? […]

Is there anything like Thorns in DS2?

I was doing some PVP in the Luna Belltower last night and I was completely baffled. Every time I hit this person, I lost a quarter of my health to what looked like lightning. I got a backstab, and died from it. Is there anything like Thorns from Blizzard games in Dark Souls 2? Something […]

Why does Nashandra only appear when you have the Giant's Kinship?

In Dark Souls 2, in order to fight Nashandra you need to possess the Giant’s Kinship which you get from the Giant Lord in Memory of Jeigh. This got me wondering: “Why do you need the Giant’s Kinship to fight her?” The item’s description reads: Each king has his rightful throne. And when he sits […]

Dark Souls 2 keeps crashing on load

So recently (today) my Dark Souls 2 game instantly crashing at the end of the loading screen. I thought maybe it was because I was using a symlink to sync my game saves as of a few days ago but I copied my saves folder back to where it was and it’s still not working. […]

How do you increase spell use in dark souls 2?

When playing a caster character in Dark Souls 2 most of the spells have a very limited use amount. Is there a way to increase these besides using restorative items like rouge water?

Does Soul Memory Affect Co-op or Only Invasions?

If I’m understanding correctly, Soul Memory, the collective accumulation of all souls ever obtained, ensures that the players that you meet in multiplayer are of a similar experience level compared to you. In Dark Souls, connectability was determined purely through character Soul Level. Does Soul Level still come into play or is it only determined […]

What is the closest Fragrant Branch of Yore to Majula?

I like to speedrun the souls series and an important piece of this is knowing the locations of story-important items. I have found quick routes to many items of importance but the one that I cannot find is the Fragrant Branch of Yore, needed to unlock the NPC blocking the shaded woods. What is the […]

How can I reach the chests in the Iron Keep without dying?

I am of course referring to those chests that are on the magma stones and the item right below the stairs when you enter the Iron Keep area. I have tried using Flash Sweat Pyromancy combined with Fire resistance items, Lifegems and getting wet with the vases that contain water in order to survive, but […]

How do I farm Human Effigies?

In Dark Souls 1 there were several enemies that would commonly drop Humanity that were within a reasonable farming time. There are more than a few enemies in Dark Souls 2 that drop Effigies as well (essentially the same item). But in Dark Souls 2 enemies can only be killed 12 times before they disappear, […]

Where do I increase the torch timer?

There is a timer running while having the torch lit. I remember picking up torches early in the game, but have not found any since and now I only have a couple of minutes left. Where do I find torches and is there any other way to increase the timer?

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