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Can I attack a specific player?

I was in a clan and someone kicked me from it. I think I’m stronger than him. Is there any way I can attack him? The only method I see to attack is random players. Can I attack a specific player?

Transfer Clash of Clans account from one G+ to another G+ account?

I want to give my account to someone but I want to keep my G+ account. I hold this G+ account very dear to me and I can’t give it up. I’ve watched some clips about transferring accounts to another device. But I haven’t found a video on how to transfer Clash of Clans account […]

What are some best practices when constructing your defense?

Are there any pointers to think about when placing defensive structures? For example, should all defensive structures be walled off from each-other? Obviously it is ideal to have walls between every single building, but because of the limit on the amount of walls you can build this is not possible. Right now, I’m winging it. […]

What is the best way to level up in Clash of Clans

How do I gain levels quickly and effectively?

How do they compute the Gold and Elixir that can be looted?

How do they compute the Gold and Elixir that can be looted from a base? Is it 100% of the remaining? or the total (including the uncollected from mine)?

Clash of Clans: Take a break

What is “playing too long”? How much is too long? How long is “rest for a few minutes”? What is the purpose of this feature? Player benefits? Account maintenance?

Do you get the war loot bonus if you get 1 star on a base that someone else has alread 3 starred?

I have been playing clash of clans, and I want to 1 star a farming person in war and get a ton of loot. (I can’t do any better to anyone else). My clan says to wait until the near end of the war, but idk if I will still get loot if someone already […]

Under what conditions will healers switch targets?

I’ve been using healers lately, which I haven’t really utilized much before. I’ve noticed that they will sometimes switch targets, even when their original target still lives. What conditions are needed for healers to switch targets?

What is funneling?

I often hear of funneling attacking troops in order to defeat defensive troops or structures. How exactly does this work? I find it can be tricky as the troops target defensive structures (giants and hogs) tend to ignore CC troops or heroes attacking them, and deploying other troops close to the perimeter doesn’t seem to […]

Is it practical to upgrade your Town Hall before you have everything upgraded to the max?

I have heard that it is best to upgrade everything to the max before upgrading your Town Hall. Is this true, or is it impractical?

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