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How do I earn gems in Clash of Clans?

I play clash of clans and I’m at lvl 5 town hall. I need gems for some of the things I want to do. Other than spending real money, what things earn me gems?

Can I have 2 clash of clan accounts on my one device with 2 different Game centre accounts?

I want to start another Clash of Clans account on the same device, but with a different game centre account, but every time I log in to my new account it goes back to my old coc account. How do I get a new Clash of Clans account, on the same device, with a new […]

How does new shield system work?

After the upgrade I can’t figure out how the new shield system works. I have the option to discard the shield, and I notice I have a new potion in the inventory. More importantly, I got attacked (and lost) twice in a short amount of time and don’t have a shield. When do you now […]

What determines how much of my resources are available for an opponent to steal?

I cannot work out how the game decides how much gold and elixir an opponent can steal from me. Sometimes it is around half of my total balance, while other times it seems to be a very small proportion, say around 10-20% . Is there a formula that determines this?

Is there another way to transfer my village to a new device?

I’m getting rid of my current iPhone and change it for another iPhone 5s. The thing is, the Game Center account I am using right now is not the same one my village is linked to, apparently. I have tried like four different Game Center accounts I might have used to no avail – the […]

Leaving gold and elixir uncollected to prevent losing when raided

In Clash of the Clans, to minimize loss of resources when your base is attacked is it better to store loot in clan castle and not collect it? Also is it better to leave resources in elixir collectors/mines for as long as possible before collecting it (at what point is it necessary)?

How can I recover my village after someone saved over my Google+ account savegame?

So someone saved a level 2 to my Google+ account and now I can’t transfer my game to my new phone because there isn’t a second way to restore my progress. It caused me to get kicked from my clan and I’ve shamefully spent a lot of money on this game! I don’t want to […]

Can Clash of Clans be linked with facebook account?

I have linked the game to my google+ account but for Facebook it always says “disconnected”. Can Clash of Clans only be linked to Google+ ? I have also tried to connect to Facebook while I was not connected to Google+, but it was still showing as disconnected. Am I missing something ?

Best Defensive Barracks Troops In Clash of Clans

Several members of my clan have been asking for “Defensive Troops”. Which got me thinking what are some good defensive troops that are readily available at the Barracks? Troops that Most members will have access to. So lets try to cap this at nothing better than healers. So of barbarians, archers, goblins, giants, wall breakers, […]

How are Clash of Clans multiplayer battles determined

Are battles determined by level or trophies? Just curious.

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