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How much gold and elixir can be stolen when raiding other players?

I was wondering what’s the maximum amount of loot that can be stolen while raiding a player or while being raided by another player. If I have 500k Gold and 600k Elixir, would that mean that they can steal all of my loot? If not, what’s the percentage or maximum amount of loot that can […]

Lost my device, how do I recover account on iPad that already has an account on it?

I’m lvl 90 but lost my Android device last week. My brother plays and is lvl 40ish, but it’s his account linked to the family iPad. Is there anyway to just get rid of his and upload my village somehow through google+?

Do Holliday Traps Stay Forever?

In the Upcoming Halloween Update Posted By SOOPUR SELL (supercell), there have been sneak peeks released showing new skeleton traps for TH 8+. I also remember the Santa Strike from one of the Christmas Updates. My question is when these holiday events finish, do we lose the money we spent on the Traps or do […]

What do I need to destroy to get all the Dark Elixir in a village?

I want Dark Elixir. My question is, if it is shown that 1000 Dark Elixir is available as loot in someone’s village, and I destroy his storage with lightning spells, will I get all 1000 Dark Elixir, or do I need to destroy the Dark Elixir drills and the Town Hall too in order to […]

What buildings should I place inside a wall?

I now have the ability to build walls, and they seem to be of strategic importance whenever I play against the computer. I’ve yet to be attacked by any other players, but I feel that is coming soon and I’d like to minimize my losses. I don’t have enough wall to fully enclose my camp, […]

How to change iPhone Clash of Clans account to Android

I lost my iPhone about a year ago and my mom just now trusted me enough to get me a new phone but the problem is it’s not an iPhone. Is there a way I can change my Clash of Clans iPhone accont to Android?

Better Information On Defense Damage Clash of Clans

The way that Clash of Clans chooses to convey information about how much damage defense buildings output is bad. The current method of telling the user that a mortar does X dmg a second is pretty worthless since they fire much slower than once a second. Where can I find a break down / what […]

How do clan perks affect the level of donated troops?

Let’s say your clan is at least level 5, which gives them a perk that increases the level of donated troops, and the troops that was donated is of the maximum level possible for that troop (ie. a Level 7 Giant), what would happen to its level? Would it: Become level “8” (since Level 5’s […]

If you buy dark elixir without a dark elixir storage what happens

I have a level 7 town hall and I would like to get a barbarian king. However, I don’t have a dark elixir storage. What would happen if I buy a King ? I’m affraid to lose my gem so any advice would be great thanks.

How do you ban a person from your clan?

I have a player that was in our clan. We kicked him out but he keeps coming back. How do you ban a player? We changed the settings to Closed clan and Invite Only clan and we even erased trophies. Nothing is working.

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