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Why can't I see or share replays in Clash of Clans?

When I open up my defense messages and attack messages, replays are not available, even my most recent attacks. Any help?

How to attack defending balloons?

I was attacking an enemy base and in their Clan Castle they had Balloons. My barbarians got their ass kicked. How can you attack the balloons in battle?

War loot bonus when lost

When I search players to attack in a clan war, the game shows me a certain war bonus on every player. Lets say the bonus is: 300k Gold & Elixir, and 1k Dark Elixir. This is what I get if we win the war & I get 3 stars. How much is it reduced in […]

How can I control where enemies place troops?

What effects the line around your property that troops have to be out outside of? Somehow people are placing troops inside my fencing? How?

Will Level 1 buildings under construction be active in the War Base?

I know that when we are upgrading any buildings to Nth level it will be the N-1 level in war base . I recently upgraded my town hall and started to build the new defenses, but these will not be completed within the preparation time. But when I edit my war base I can see […]

What does the symbol with a shield and two swords next to clan members' names mean?

When I open my clan roster, I now notice there is a symbol that has a shield + two swords next to most clan member’s name. What does this signify? Are they ready for clan battles?

What troops can 1 poison spell kill?

What levels of what troops can you kill with one poison spell and does upgrading the spell allow you to kill more types of troops – in terms of health?

How does 4 earthquake spells destroying any wall in clash of clans work?

How does it work. Is it like a fixed rule or is it supported by stats/numbers in game. Most importantly does it take fewer spells if it is upgraded ?

How can I get my Clash of Clans account back?

I had a Clash of Clans account which was 80 lvl and now my tab data has been reset. Plus before that I mistakenly deleted my Gmail and Google + Id. Is there any way to get my account back?

How can I prevent someone with a stolen device from accessing my village?

A year back my iPod got stolen. On the ipod I had Clash of Clans and as a result I decided to use a “Find my iPhone” app and check the box where it says “erase all data and personal info from this iPod once it gets connected to wifi”. My problem is that now […]

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