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Will already existing troops upgrade when their respective laboratory research finishes?

I already have a level 2 dragon on my army camp and I’m waiting an hour to be upgraded in the laboratory to level 3. Would the existing dragons on my army camp be upgraded also to level 3 or would they still be level 2?

Do damaging spells affect Hidden Tesla towers while the towers are still hidden?

Pretty much what’s on the tin. Do Lightning and Earthquake spells damage Hidden Tesla towers while they are still hidden?

Is there any way to get my old village which hasn't used Game Center onto a new iPhone?

I have been playing Clash of Clans on my iPhone. I am pretty far along but wasn’t playing via Game Center (now I know I should have been). Now I have gotten a new phone. I am trying to get my old account onto my new phone, but it isn’t working. When I first launched […]

What are the statistics and mechanics behind the Spawning of Presents from the 2014 X-Mas Trees?

Apparently the 2014 X-mas trees in Clash of Clans spawn presents. The trees give you 50k gold surplus when removed and are able to spawn presents which in turn are worth 5k Elixir. Also, a friend of mine just told me that he got 25 Gems from the tree. What I did not find when […]

How do I delete a clash of clans village?

I upgraded to a new phone and installed clash of clans and during setup I connected to Google plus thinking I could get my other village loaded but I hadn’t connected to Google plus on my older village first. And when I tried connecting my older village to Google plus in order to get it […]

What is the Rainbowshield?

I just got attacked by someone and I looked at the troops the person used. One of those troops was an Image of an Rainbowshield. What kind of ‘Unit’ is that rainbowshield?

What happens if you leave your Clash of Clans game for a week?

What happens if you don’t do something to your game for a week? Are there any consequences?

Saving local village over Google+ village

I am currently playing Clash of Clans on my Android phone and have gotten fairly far into the game. Far enough to where I would like to connect my village to my Google+ account. The only problem is that my current Google+ account has a Clash of Clans village already loaded onto it with a […]

Clan wars in clash of clans

What would happen if I left my clan during battle day and came back still during battle day? Would I still be able to attack?

How do I tell where loot is stored?

Sometimes all the loot is stored in the resource collectors, sometimes the resource collectors are empty and all the loot is in the storage units. Sometimes the Town Hall stores a lot of loot, and sometimes it stores none. Is there a way to tell, before attacking, where the loot is kept?

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