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Can we use funneling while using GOwipe?

I really need to know since I have started using GOwipe and heard about funneling that can we combine the GOwipe and funneling and can funnel troops like P.E.K.K.A using Golem in place of Gaints? Please help me if someone know. Thanks!

Does Loot Redistribute Among Storages

Though your loot amount appears as a sum of all of the loot in all of your storage, the internal loot of storage are separate. So for example if i started with full storage and i leave a storage outside for people to raid, would i eventually lose all of my loot (Assuming people don’t […]

Why are the matchups in Clash of Clans so uneven at times?

How come we’re in a war and our top guy is around level 86 or 87 and their top two guys are over level 100? Their walls are way stronger and they have air defenses. When searching for an opponent does it eventually just give up and put you up against the closest opponent even […]

Clash of clans Tiebreaker

With the new Tiebreaker where it says best attacks total destruction, the best attacks wording is what confuses me as the best attacks would be 100%…. so how would that break the tie?

Training time when a barrack is under upgrade

I know how the new training system works as a single queue and the calculation of training time. What I am wondering is say I have all level 6 barracks and the wizards are being trained for say n seconds, if I upgrade one barrack, will it increase the training time of say wizard or […]

Backing up a Clash of Clans account on iPad without the game center

I use the same apple ID across an iPhone and an iPad, but play a separate Clash of Clans account. The first account, my iPhone, is registered on the game center. On the iPad, I did not activate the game center, in order to prevent it synching data from my iPhone. Unfortunately, I have run […]

Donating troops in war not counting?

I see that donating troops in clan wars do not count in my overall troops donated count. Why is this? Is there a way to track who donated how much troops in clans wars?

How is the received number of trophies calculated?

So I have been playing Clash of Clans for a while now and have noticed that the number of trophies received on a win greatly fluctuate. By this, I do not mean for a full win only. I am talking about winning with 1 and 2 stars mostly. Does anyone know if the percentage of […]

Results of getting disconnected while attacking a village

When I go ‘trophy farming’ (attacking those village with Town Hall unguarded), I deploy around 3-5 archers to destroy the Town Hall. After some time I get disconnected while I’m still attacking. However, when I reconnect and see my Attack Log, it says that I got 1 star although I lost connection. Do all attacks […]

Under what conditions will healers switch targets?

I’ve been using healers lately, which I haven’t really utilized much before. I’ve noticed that they will sometimes switch targets, even when their original target still lives. What conditions are needed for healers to switch targets?

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