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Do cities received through a trade have any special properties?

It’s possible to trade cities to other civilizations, but I’m uncertain how cities received through a trade behave. Do they suffer any penalties compared to cities I built myself, or do they behave the same?

Finding the map seed of a Civilization V game

I recently started a game on Civilization V and I really like the map I’m playing. I know it’s possible to manually input a seed when creating a game but is there a way to display the seed of a game in progress?

Eradicate A Religion

I’m playing a game in which there is a very annoying AI player whose religion continually spreads to my cities. It’s beginning to annoy me, and I want to fix it. Is there any way for me to completely eradicate a religion? I don’t just mean get it out of my civilization, I want to […]

Why do some tiles have red “chips” on them in Civilization 5?

In Civilization 5 some of the hexes have a little red splotch on them, especially during the early game. I’ve been going under the assumption that these signify strategic resources that I don’t know how to use yet – they might be handy later once I discover Oil or whatever. Is this remotely correct?

Is there an overall view of your cities?

I have many cities on Civ5 cause I annexed them and they start to demand Luxury Resources for We love the king day. Is there any City overview on which you can see the items they want or progress?. I have checked the overviews (diplomatic,military,economic) but no info related to this.

Hostile takeovers: Does your civilization receive the benefits of wonders?

When taking over another civilization’s city, for instance, a city that has the oracle, does it contribute +1 to your civilization’s culture as a puppet? When annexed, will the wonder remain in the city and contribute the +1 culture as well? Does this apply for all wonders, or just a subset?

Is there a diagram showing the requirements for each promotion?

Almost all selectable promotions in civ5 (meaning, the ones you select when a unit gains a level) have other promotions as requirements. The Civilopedia already lists the requirement for each promotion, but only its immediate ones; is there any chart or diagram summarizing this promotion prerequisite hierarchy?

What is the effect of switching between conflicting social policies?

Certain social policy branches conflict and cannot be taken together (eg, Piety and Rationalism). I usually plan ahead to make sure I don’t end up wanting conflicting branches, but the other day I did (almost!) activate one to see what happened. I was given a warning that doing this would cause anarchy for some turns, […]

In Civilization 5, how may turns are there for each Game Pace setting?

I’m about to start a new game, and I’m using the Advanced Setup to customize the game a little. Does anyone know the number of turns for each of the 4 Game Pace settings to get to 2050? Marathon = ? Epic = ? Standard = 500 turns Quick = ? Or is it not […]

What is a good beginners strategy to learn the mechanics of Civilization 5?

I am pretty new to Civilization 5, played no more than maybe 4 or 5 games. What is a solid strategy I can use against the AI that does not only help me to win the game but also teaches the mechanics a little? By that definition I want to avoid a strategy that says […]

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