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Civilization 5 unending turn?

So I just got a city out of an ideological revolt, its been annexed and yatta yatta. For whatever reason, I traded the city back to its original owner before telling it to produce something. Only now I can’t end the turn because the city still needs me to tell it what to build, which […]

Civ V won't let me destroy other cities

I’m at war with a country. I destroyed a city (it has 0 health) but it isn’t letting me annex/create a puppet city out of it. It keeps saying that it’s still owned by the Aztecs. Every turn it is able to harm my units and regains health. If I attack the city after it’s […]

Can I politely stop an AI's Great Prophet from getting to my cities?

The strongest player in the game is a close ally of mine and we each founded and follow of one of the strongest two religions in the game, with little cross-over between religions within our territories. I’ve just spotted that he has a Great Prophet approaching my territory. According to the Civopedia they are powerful […]

What happens if I purchase a building halfway through construction?

If I purchase a building that is halfway through construction, what happens to the extra production? Is the cost of purchasing the building lowered? Do I receive a cash payment, similar to an opponent finishing a wonder I was building? Or does the production just disappear?

Under what condition does the AI share an intrigue with you?

So King Kamehameha just warned me that he is spying on Attila the Hun and that Attina is planning to backstab me with his fleet. Very cool. I also share intrigue with AI civs when I want to increase my reputation with them, but my question is, how does the AI decide whether to share […]

What are the effects of Civilization V responses to other leaders?

Some responses seem not to have any effect reflected in the relationship details. Some examples: When they admonish you about making friends with one of their enemies: Get over it. We’re sorry this has created a divide between us. When you are competing for the favor of city-states: Get over it. We’re sorry this has […]

What happens to unique buildings in occupied cities?

How does capturing cities handle unique buildings? For example: If China conquers a city with a library, does the library transform into a paper maker? or like wise if I conquer a Chinese city as another civilization does the paper maker turn back into a library? The possibilities I can think of are: The unique/non-unique […]

How can I activate a game bought from the Mac App Store on Steam?

If Civilization 5 was bought from the Mac App Store, would I be able to activate it on Steam, and how could I do so? It says here that CD keys for Civ 5 are accepted on Steam. Would this still work for if that game was bought on the Mac App Store? Does Apple’s […]

What determines the gain from the Honor policy and Aztec unique ability?

Honor now grants culture when barbarians are killed and grants gold per unit killed later on. The Aztec (BLAST YOU AND YOUR SHINY GODS…ahem…) unique ability grants culture when a unit is killed. What determines the amount of culture/gold gained after each kill? Just from playing I seem to earn more from the more advanced […]

Is there any way to see a digest of what resources civilizations / city states own?

For example, I would like to get my hand on some pearls. A simple way to do that is to trade with other civilizations or to increase my influence with some city-state; the problem is that I can never remember who has what resource, not to mention that can constantly change. Right now I’m using […]

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