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What can cause a City State to enter “permanent war” with a main Civ?

I know that capturing enough City States will eventually cause all the remaining city states to enter permanent war against you. So, what else can cause City States (either collectively or singularly) to enter a state of permanent war with against a main Civ? This question is triggered by a comment thread linked to my […]

How to get the Steam Workshop to work with “Civilization V” for a Mac?

I currently own Civilization V, (not the Gods & Kings expansion,) and have the latest version of it and have subscribed to several items on the Steam Workshop, but when I start-up the game, none of them appear to be in effect. I have enabled mods and can clearly see the MODS button on the […]

Is there a list of luxury resources?

In civilization 5 is there a way to see a list of all the resources your civ. has? I know I can see the different kinds in the happiness menu and the count on the trade screen. I just want a list of all the resources without taunting another civ. by contacting them to see […]

What are the keyboard shortcuts of Civilization 5?

What are the keyboard shortcuts in Civilization V?

Is it possible to change keyboard shortcuts?

Is it possible to change the keyboard shortcuts?

How can I avoid a tedious end-game?

I find the early and mid-game great fun: there’s excitement and challenge as I explore the world, found cities, and challenge the other players. But then the end-game almost always turns into mind-numbing slog. For example, right now I’m playing 8-player vs. AI. I’ve reached the point I always seem to reach: it’s basically inevitable […]

What is a theming bonus?

I’ve seem the term “theming bonus” mentioned a few times, for example on the aesthetics social policy tree: Adopting all policies doubles the theming bonus you receive from Museums and Wonders. And on the new France UA: Museum and World Wonder theming bonuses are doubled in their capital. I understand it has something to do […]

How can I stop Civilization 5 from asking me twice which DirectX mode to play in?

I (pre) downloaded and installed Civilization 5 through Steam, on Windows 7. When I start it, Steam asks me if I would like to start: Civilization 5 Civilization 5 (DirectX 9) Then, Civilization “starts” into its menu program and asks me if I would like to start: Civilization 5, DirectX 9 mode Civilization 5, DirectX […]

What bonuses do I get from the tile on which I place my city?

I’m trying to understand all the facets of city placement. One thing I can’t quite find, however, is if the specific terrain of the tile the city is built on has a significant effect. Does it make a difference if your city is on a hill, or in a forest, or next to a river? […]

How many cities should I build for a cultural victory?

In Civilization V, you attain a cultural victory by accumulating enough culture to purchase at least 36 social policies, and then building a wonder. The catch is that the more cities you build, the more culture you need to generate before you hit the next “plateau” of culture. What is the ideal number of cities […]

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