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Do I gain income for connecting city-states to my trade network?

City-States keep asking me to connect to them, but I’m not sure if the life-long upkeep is worth the one-time influence gain. If, on the other hand, I get influence and an income boost, I’m gonna have to buy my workers an extra set of shovels and connect to city-states like mad. I could, of […]

In Civ5, is there any point to immediately annexing a city?

Following up to this answer, given that a newly conquered city will spend a few turns of zero production (“rioting”) after that, will be hampered in production because of diminished population and destroyed buildings, so that building a courthouse will take very long is there any point really to annex a newly conquered city immediately? […]

What happens when a city-state captures a city that cannot be razed?

If a city-state captures a city that cannot be razed, what happens? The examples where this will happen, that I can think of, are: An original main-Civ capital under the original owner’s control. An original main-Civ capital under another Civ’s control. Another city-state that has been previously captured by another Civ.

In Civilization 5 the game wants me to adopt a policy but no policies are available?

What do I do? I’ve tried right clicking. I just don’t know what to do, the game will not let me move on without adopting a policy. This is very agitating. Someone please help.

What is a Pact of Secrecy? Also, what is a Pact of Cooperation?

In Civilization 5, one of the diplomatic options is a Pact of Secrecy. You sign it with one civilization against a specific other civilization. There’s another called a Pact of Cooperation, which you sign with just the other civilization. However, I can’t find any mention of either of these pacts in the manual or in […]

Is it possible to set up and watch a game between just computer AI opponents?

No human players, just AI and have the ability to scroll around and see what the AIs are doing with the turn management being also automated, so the AIs just end turn when they are done. Oh, and all of this hopefully without any sort of fog of war. This way, I can see how […]

How valuable is it to build next to a river?

For some reason I give a very high preference to hexes that put my cities on a river. But I’m asking myself if I’m overdoing it for Civ5. Given a city planted in the middle of 7 Grassland hexes… How much more value is there if a river runs directly down the middle? Any difference […]

How do I build a courthouse in a captured city?

I captured an enemy city, and my advisors informed me that the city will produce a lot of unhappiness until I build a courthouse there. However, the production in the city is 0, so no actual progress is being made. I don’t have the option to buy the Courthouse either (all options under Purchase are […]

For Civ V, where can I find a list of city names used by each civilization?

I’m playing a game on a Standard map with 7 other Civs, however it seems as though one was captured before I could even explore it, and now I’d like to liberate it. My knowledge of dead cultures is somewhat poor, is there a chart that lists what city names, or at least the capital […]

Luxury tiles are 6 tiles apart: grow one big city or two modest ones?

When laying out the board tiles Civilization V has an uncanny knack of placing the luxury resources exactly six tiles apart. Should I drop one city in the exact middle between them and grow it to work both, or create two cities – one for each luxury?

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