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Understanding unit movement

Looking at a unit is there anyway to tell if it has moved or not in the current turn? I’ve noticed the emblem for the unit greys out, but it also seems to remained greys out if the unit has been fortified. How do I tell all the possible tiles a unit can move too? […]

What happens with research when there is a 2 vs 1 game in Civilization 5?

As I understand, when you are in a team with someone, you have a common research tree. Does the game balance the research for another player who is playing solo? Or the team of two will have something like 2x for research?

Connection to capitol without port

I have a capitol that doesn’t have an exit to the sea but it is connected to another city with a harbor. My other cities are blocked by a non-friendly city state (connected via a road that passes through that city) but there is one other city with a harbor. Should I have a connection […]

When are submarines visible?

Officially: [a submarine] is invisible to most units – except for destroyers and other Submarines – until it attacks. However, I’ve noticed that other naval units can see non-attacking submarines if they are adjacent to them, even if said units are just embarked workers. I also noticed I can sometimes see submarines if they’re adjacent […]

Why is my city not generating more happiness after purchasing happiness structures?

This question is not about game mechanics or tips, but rather a weird problem I am facing. Imagine I am in the game, many rounds in with happiness about +30. In one of my cities I decide to buy a stadium (and tooltip says as normal, +2 happiness) I purchase it with gold, but the […]

Does working a tile with a city transfer ownership of the tile to that city?

This stems from the comments on this question. Imagine two cities, A and B, close enough that one can work the tiles that were acquired by the other (either through purchasing them or through cultural expansion). If a tile was acquired by A, and I manually select the tile to be worked by B, does […]

In Civ 5, do buildings get any penalties when you lose a source of needed strategic resource?

The units get combat penalties when you lose a required strategic resource, but what about buildings like factories, which require coal, power plants and other? Do they also get a production penalty if you go negative on resource?

In Civ V, playing as Germany, and with earth, how do I start in Europe where Germany should be?

Every time I start Civ V with Germany and with earth as the terrain, it doesn’t start me in central Europe where modern day Germany is. Can I correct this somehow? Civ 4 would automatically start the chosen civilization where it is (or would be) located on earth.

What exactly are the bonuses the AI gets at each difficulty level in civ5?

In Civilization 5, the game states that the AI gets significant bonuses to their play at the higher difficulty levels. I have been unable to find what exactly those bonuses are. I have heard rumors that on Deity, for example, the AI starts with 3 settlers, 6 warriors, and doesn’t have a happiness cap at […]

Pink number when clearing barbarian encampments?

After clearing a barbarian encampment, a pink number appears above the tile where the encampment was. What does this number mean? Example:

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