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How much unhappiness is generated from cities and citizens?

At first glance, I really like India’s bonus: Double the Unhappiness from the number of Cities, but Halve the Unhappiness from Population size. For me to really judge it though, and build strategies around it, I need to know how much unhappiness is normally generated from cities and citizens. Unfortunately, I don’t know this, and […]

Is it better to focus a Great Prophet on opposing civilizations or your own at the beginning of the game?

There are two main cases I can think of: Say you are just starting out and you don’t have a religion at all. Would it then be better to use it on your own cities primarily and then other civilizations after? Say most of your cities are already converted. Same question: would it be more […]

Do Natural Wonders spawn more closely to city states?

This is purely anecdotal speculation, but it seems to me that Natural Wonders are more often than not placed close by city states. What does the world-builder use to determine where Natural Wonders/city states should go?

Are puppet cities counted towards the limit of 3 imposed by the “Bollywood” achievement in Civilization V?

Bollywood As Gandhi, win a cultural victory with 3 or fewer cities in your empire. Do puppet cities count towards this limit or not? I’d assume they probably are (since you do get culture from Puppet cities), but it would be nice to know.

What happens to a research agreement when we go to war in Civ 5?

I formed a research agreement with an AI in Civ 5, and when it was about halfway done he attacked me. Is that money just gone for both of us, or can we resume it somehow once I’ve taught him a lesson?

Civilization 5 Elizabeth-specific achievement domain?

The achievement specifically tied to Elizabeth (that’s the English) is as follows: Ruler of the Seas As Elizabeth, sink and destroy 357 enemy naval units, across any number of playthroughs. So my question is: do embarked land units count as naval units towards this total?

AI Civ having another civ's specialty unit

How is it possible for an AI civilization to gain/build another civilization’s specialty unit? Twice now I have run into this issue. On my current game, the Dutch have a Cho-Ko-Nu (the chinese specialty unit). In a prior game, the Swiss had Legion units (the Roman spec. unit).

How do I stockpile policies in games with 'enable policy saving' on?

Whenever I play a game with the option ‘enable policy saving’ turned on, I still can’t figure out how to not invest in a policy as the button for ‘NEXT TURN’ is replaced with ‘ADOPT POLICY’.

Should I stop building a wonder if I find a rival is likely to beat me to it?

Let’s say I’m currently building a world wonder, and through my spy I find out a rival civ is also building the same wonder, and are likely to complete it before me, even if I try to rush mine in a variety of ways. So getting the wonder is nearly hopeless. Should I just immediately […]

If you conquer a holy city do you take “ownership” of that religion?

I’ve conquered a city that was the holy city for one of the religions. I didn’t manage to found a religion myself. Does this mean I own that religion and can upgrade it and do whatever else the owner of a religion can do? The original Civ isn’t wiped out, by the way, I just […]

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