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Is there any way to speed up city production?

Is there any possibility to speed up a city production?

Is there a way to end a turn immediately, without moving all units?

In Civilization IV (and earlier) you could end a turn not having moved/actioned all of your available units. For example, if you want to leave some units in place for a turn or two, without having to explicitly tell them they have no orders – simply by clicking a button in the UI. In V, […]

Why won't a Stealth Bomber fire on cities anymore?

My stealth bomber won’t fire on an enemy. It fired in the previous turn and now it won’t attack my enemy’s city. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is?

How do terrain-based unit promotions work?

If I promote a unit so that it is better a fighting of rough terrain for example. When I am in combat and attacking an enemy, who needs to be in the rough terrain them or me for me to receive the bonus?

What happens when you conquer a city where a spaceship is under construction?

What happens when you conquer a city where a spaceship is under construction? Can the conquered civilization continue construction in its new capital? Does the conquered civilization retain its already-constructed modules? Do you get to capture the already-constructed modules as your own? Note : I am talking about modules that have already been added to […]

Is there a chart showing all unit upgrade paths in Civilization 5 Gods & Kings?

Is there a chart showing the upgrade paths for the units? Something like Warrior → Spearman → Pikeman… for all of the units, similar to the chart on this site for vanilla.

Do you have to allocate a citizen to work a resource in order to gain access to it?

In this answer, Fabian said that it’s enough to have an improved resource in your cultural border in order to gain access to that resource; while I was under the impression you have to actually allocate a citizen to work on the improved resource in order to get it (whether strategic or luxury), so for […]

What does the pressure value mean, and what is the scale?

I can see a “pressure” value on cities which seems to indicate how powerful is the conversion to a religion in a city. But how can I translate that value to some meaning? What does “+4 pressure” imply? What’s the difference between +4 and +20? Can I tell how long it will be until a […]

Is there a hotkey for the general “Next Move” button?

I’m looking for a keyboard hotkey for the generalized “Next Move”, “Choose Research”, “Unit Waiting for Order” button in the bottom-right corner of the interface. Unfortunately there isn’t one listed in the tooltip like for other UI elements. Is there one?

Is it possible to win culturally in Civilization V with only one city?

I recently had a culture victory with nine cities – though it became very clear to me that it should have been easier with fewer. Is it possible to never found another city, and still be able to gain enough culture points (and enough of a defense) to get a culture victory?

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