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Do I need a harbor in the capital to make trade routes from other harbors work?

The manual (and the civilopedia) state for the harbor: Effects: Forms a naval Trade Route with the Capital City, +25% Production of Naval Units, City must be on a coast. It is unclear to me though whether I need a harbor in the capital to make the trade routes from other harbors work … ?

What happens to the bonuses when I build a city in a special resource tile?

Does the city destroy the resource?

Is a Culture Bomb the only way to steal territory from another civ in Civ5?

In another question answer bwarner writes: Once a tile has been claimed, you can’t “steal” it like in Civ 4 (except using the Great Artist as mentioned in comments). So you want to make sure you establish your borders quickly before another Civ or city-state grabs those tiles. Is this accurate? That is, given two […]

What happens when two players play the same game at different difficulties?

I noticed that it looks like you can pick different difficulties for different players in Civilization 5 multiplayer. What effect does this have on the game play? Are AI just nicer to the lower difficulty player?

What is the formula for city connection income?

In Civ 5 connecting cities to your capital earns you income, but each road costs 1G to maintain, so you don’t want to connect cities too early. What is the formula for calculating how much gold you will get by linking cities? From my experience it seems to be related to the population of the […]

How high is the production bonus of a great engineer in Civ5?

To quote the manual: Special Ability: Hurry Production You can expend a Great Engineer to create a sudden burst of production in a city. The production is immediately applied to whatever is presently being built in the city – unit, building or Wonder. This will usually be enough production to immediately finish all but the […]

How close should cities be built in Civ 5?

In Civ 4, it was easy to figure out how close to build cities to maximize my territory, because the number of tiles they could use were very limited. In Civ 5, cities can use many more tiles (more than they’ll need until they’re huge), so I’m wondering how close I should build my cities. […]

What changes have been made from Civilization 4 to 5?

I’ve read the surprisingly light Wikipedia article on Civ 5 and it seems to be lacking coherent comparison of features between it and its predecessor. I’m also reluctant to bring down the 4Gb demo on a whim… Please could I have some clarification on the following: Has the speed of conquest been slowed down even […]

How much gold does a diplomatic mission provide, and is it worth it?

In Civilization 4, great merchants increased in value the further you sent them from your capital and the larger the city you sent them to. In Civilization 5, the tooltip / civilopedia entry seemed to say that the bonus is the same for any city state, so I sent my Great Merchant to the nearest […]

How do I obtain more spies?

The latest expansion to Civilaztion V added spies to the game. These spies can help in a multitude of ways. The most important, in my opinion, being the ability to prevent enemy spies from stealing your technology. The main problem I have with this is that my single spy is struggling to prevent this theft, […]

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