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How many workers do I need for my cities?

How many workers do I need for a given number of cities in the early stages of Civ 4, say when I have around 5 cities and the biggest is around size 5?

How can I conquer or destroy a city on a single tile island in Civilization IV?

It is all written in the title but an image could help. How can conquer or destroy this city?

Where can I find a good Civilization 4 Strategy guide?

I love this game but have a tough time winning past the 3rd level of difficulty… Any suggestions?

Is it faster to build a worker, followed by a settler, or the other way around?

In Civilization IV, both workers and settlers prevent your city’s food store from increasing for as long as they are being built. Surplus food is funneled into the production of both units, speeding their creation. A common dilemma I have at the start of the game is deciding which one to build first. I’d like […]

What strategy to use in Civilization IV when you start in an inaccessible area?

I have played yesterday the Africa scenario, and I started the game in the area of Egypt. There were some good resources but the desert block me to build more than 4 cities and later in the game I was easily destroyed. In addition to that only one city was near mountains and could provide […]

Are Warlords and Beyond the Sword two separate expansions for Civilization IV or does the second build on the first?

There are two expansion packs for Civilization IV, Warlords and Beyond the Sword. Are these two separate expansion packs with unique features not found in either, or is the second (Beyond the Sword) a further expansion of the first (Warlords)? Put differently, if you’re new to the game, is there any reason you’d still want […]

What changes have been made from Civilization 4 to 5?

I’ve read the surprisingly light Wikipedia article on Civ 5 and it seems to be lacking coherent comparison of features between it and its predecessor. I’m also reluctant to bring down the 4Gb demo on a whim… Please could I have some clarification on the following: Has the speed of conquest been slowed down even […]

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