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How do I lower my hitpoints?

I ate too much candy, and increased my max health too much that I now find it very difficult to defeat myself. Since my clone has the exact same hitpoints as me, is there a way to make that fight easier and faster? Is there a way to lower my hitpoints?

How do I enter cheats using the Javascript / Developer console?

I _really_ love candies. I also would like to be able to afford everything in the game and eat as much candies as possible to increase my hitpoints/health. I’ve heard that I can enter various cheats in this game using the Javascript / Developer console. How do I do this? Related: Will using Javascript sorcery […]

Is there a way to use cheat codes like 'HESOYAM' on GTA San Andreas for iOS?

Is there a way to use cheat codes like HESOYAM on GTA San Andreas for iOS directly in the UI, without copying saved files? Update: Using a bluetooth keyboard doesn’t work either.

Is there any way to report players in MW2?

This is terrible. Almost every lobby I join is hacked, especially on S&D and F4A. Yesterday they reset all my custom classes, setting a smoke grenade as my primary weapon. Is there any way to report hackers in MW2 so they get banned, or at least get a warning? I’m on a PlayStation 3 system, […]

Black Ops: preferred way of dealing with cheaters

Unfortunately Black Ops doesn’t use PunkBuster, and VAC doesn’t seem to be enough. So what is the preferred way to deal with players that are beyond any reasonable doubt cheaters (eg. you can clearly see in the kill cam, that they are using aimbot). I’ve tried to find some information on the Steam, but it […]

How do I change the candy per second rate in the JavaScript console?

I don’t exactly have a lot of patience and would like to know, how do I change the candy per second rate in the JavaScript console?

Is there a macro player/recorder for games?

A few games make their whole point in levels that are easy to figure out but hard to pull off. VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy and the Bit.Trip games fall squarely into this category, for example. You’re basically expected to put in the obviously correct sequence of button presses and depresses at the right time; that’s […]

What is the shop glitch in Fallout 3 / New Vegas?

Mentioned in this question: What are ammo boxes for? I honestly have never heard of this glitch…though I didn’t spend much time going through FAQs or anything while I played through Fallout 3. I debate trying it out when I pickup New Vegas…and am curious as to how one would do it.

How do I determine if someone is cheating in Call of Duty: Black Ops?

I’ve played games with some friends and they claimed that so-and-so was cheating. I honestly just thought that he was a really good player. What are some indications that someone is actually cheating?

How do GameShark codes work?

This has always boggled me. Obviously GameShark and Game Genie never got inside access to place their own cheats into every game. I don’t think any developers gave them the source code to pour over for codes. And I don’t think the original development process for these games included placing any of these codes themselves. […]

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