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Call of Duty MW3 Guide for Black Ops Players

Being a Wii gamer, black ops is my first real exposure to call of duty. So has anyone written a guide for transitioning from black ops weapons system (I see the upgrade system is quite different), perks, killstreaks, etc to MW3’s approach? Thanks.

Wave list or patterns for MW3 map Resistance

Is there a pattern how enemies appear in MW3 Survival Model map Resistance? If not are there any list about each wave? I am asking this because this list would help me and other beginners as well to decide what to buy how to prepare for next round?

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer is “Currently Unavailable?”

I started up Steam today to play some Modern Warfare 3, and finally play for more than 10 minute increments… Regardless the reason for me playing, the game would not start- and notified me: “This game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time.” My internet connection is working perfectly, as I am posting […]

What is new in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

There have been quite some Call of Duty games, so I’m wondering if a Modern Warfare 3 actually comes with some refreshing features that make it worth more than Modern Warfare 2. What new features have been added to the game?

What is best sniper position on Resistance in Spec Ops: Survival mode?

What is the best place to set up and use sniper rifles on “Resistance” in Spec Ops: Survival Mode?

What happens to the XP points of the second player in dual screen?

When you play on dual screen, the second player gets some XP points depending on his performance during the match. I think that the main player, the one who owns the account, gets those points to earn levels. But what happens with the XP earned by the second player? Are his points lost when the […]

How can I force Steam to install Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from disk, NOT from web?

I purchased Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as a retail disk, and when I install it from disk, Steam is attempting to download the complete game from the internet. I’ve 512 kbits/s (64 kBps) network, so it will take me nearly 64 hours to download (1 week to download assuming 9 hours a day). […]

Where can I find gun stats?

Where can I find a good breakdown online of the various guns offered in Modern Warfare 3?

Can you jump while wearing Juggernaut armor?

I was playing some Spec Ops Missions with a friend the other night, and one of them put us both inside suits of Juggernaut armor. I’ve only briefly used Juggernaut armor before, but I noticed I was unable to jump while wearing it in the mission. I was wondering if Juggernaut armor in multiplayer behaves […]

What does Facebook Login do in MW3 Multiplayer?

I see there is a Facebook Login in the MW3 Multiplayer main menu and I wonder What it actually does. Will I have to install a Facebook App in my Profile? If it works as an announcer, can I set who sees my actions and to what extent? For example: I want only my close […]

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